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Ten years of efforts. Gdansk will get an overground crossing on the border of Zaspa and Wrzeszcz.

05 of June '24

Although the authorities in Gdansk have been announcing improvements in pedestrian comfort for several years, the construction of some crossings that will make it easier to get around the city is still going like clockwork. One such location is the border of Wrzeszcz and Zaspa, where construction of the crossing begins after almost a decade of effort.

After years of neglect and privileging motorists, the authorities of Gdansk have realized that there is no escape from creating pedestrian facilities today. In 2019, the City unveiled the Gdansk Accessibility Package: new bus lanes and more than a dozen pedestrian crossings on the most important traffic routes: including Grunwaldzka Avenue, Zwycięstwa Avenue, and Rzeczypospolitej Avenue. Within a few years, the long-awaited pedestrian crossings have been built on Podwale Przedmiejskie Street, near the Medical University of Gdansk, near Olivia Business Center in Oliwa, in the area of Chłopska Street, and finally - at the level of Wyżynna Gate, among others.

Przejście przy Bramie Wyżynnej świetnie się sprawdziło

The crossing at the Wyzynna Gate has worked out well

photo: Dominik Paszlinski |

implementation with obstacles

Less fortunate was the location near the intersection of Rzeczypospolitej Avenue and Hynka Street, right next to Zaspa Gallery. Today, walking in this area for pedestrians, the elderly and people with disabilities can be a torment - as they are condemned to use an uncomfortable tunnel. The construction of the "zebra" was called for by city activists a decade ago. Attempts were also made by residents as part of the civic budget. But first the project did not get enough votes, and the following year it was rejected, because officials decided that the investment was too expensive. Pedestrian hopes were raised again by the City in 2022, when it issued a tender for implementation. However, the project was put back in the drawer. The reason? "Lack of funds."

The money in the city's budget - PLN 3.4 million - was finally found. Construction of the long-awaited link began on June 3 and will last until November.

The planned crossing will be equipped with traffic lights. The task will also include a bicycle crossing over the track. The area will be illuminated and will gain drainage. Pedestrians will be able to get directly to the streetcar platform , announces Aneta Niezgoda of the Directorate of Urban Development of Gdansk, responsible for the project.

What is still missing today is, among other things, a connection that has been announced for years in the heart of Gdansk: at the carefully renovated Gdańsk Główny Railway Station, at the level of Elżbietańska Street.

Przejście planowane przy Dworcu Głównym

The crossing planned near the Central Station

photo: Piotr Wittman | Gdań

waiting for easier access to the station

I think this crossing will bring the street back to pedestrians and allow at least to some extent to return to the pre-war solutions," Prof. Piotr Lorens, Architect of the City of Gdansk, said in an interview with A&B. - When the pedestrian crossing appears, then - I am deeply convinced of this - Gancarska and Elzbietanska streets will gain new life and become one of the main traffic routes leading pedestrians all the way to the Main City, he added.

According to officials, the work is expected to begin in July, but so far the City has not signed a contract with the contractor selected in the tender, so it is difficult to judge when the investment will be ready.

Ewa Karendys

The vote has already been cast