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Jassmine. We long for concerts in such interiors

Marta Kowalska
08 of January '21

Opening a jazz club in the past year sounds like madness. But with its combination of good design, great acoustics and jazz with a mix of brand new sounds - success is guaranteed.

The vision of Club Jassmine, although part of Warsaw's Nob, goes far beyond the pattern of a hotel-side jazz club where musicians play to the beat. Jassmine is much more reminiscent of more contemporary London clubs, full of freshness, young artists, where jazz mixes with other genres while respecting tradition. A club is a place for meetings and musical discoveries. And for all this we need a good interior. These, as well as the entire hotel, were taken care of by the Medusa Group studio.

photo: press materials | Jassmine

TheNobu Hotel, designed fully by theMEDUSA GROUP ARCHITECTS studio, is a five-star adventure whose interior is a perfect fit for the modern, dynamic capital. Aiming to open 20 hotels worldwide by the end of last year, the Nobu Hotels chain has become synonymous with perfect service, distinctive design and unpretentious luxury. The brand was created after Robert De Niro met chef Nobu Matsuhisa at his Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. The distinctive body of the Warsaw hotel is located in thecity center, opposite the Koszyki Hall.

Jassmine is the epitome of the history of the jazz genre balancing elegance and casualness, reflection and fun. It is sort of in between the salon image of jazz, the dancing roots of the genre, and the engagement that erupted in the 1960s and the grassroots creativity seen today.

The very name of the club carries several symbolic meanings. The jasmine flower is associated with Japan, so it refers to the co-owner of the Nobu brand, while jass, on the other hand, is one of the first official names of the musical genre, which was used in the city considered the cradle of jazz - New Orleans. Jassmine is also a feminine name, the word can also be interpreted as "jazz mine" or simply "my jazz."

Jassmine is located in the basement of Nobu, and the entrance to the club is separate from the entrance to the hotel and restaurant. Descending two floors down in the elegant elevator, in addition to the feeling of excitement, one can also have doubts. After all, an expensive, even luxurious hotel is not associated with a smoky, atmospheric jazz venue. Would potential listeners or even artists be interested in a five-star room and an exclusive restaurant? Nevertheless, the uniqueness of the way to get to the club is exciting in its own way. Alreadyat the entrance to the club there is an impressive (theatrical even!) dressing room with maroon curtains. The club is intimate - it can accommodate 190 people, but what it has to offer makes it one of the most modern venues in Poland.

photo: press materials | Jassmine

It turns out that when the elegant interior is filled with music, the place takes on new colors. The lighting, refined by the designers, promotes sound absorption. Excellent acoustics is also an important element, and the club has a sound system not found in any other venue of this type and size in Poland. Thed&b audiotechnik sound systems are installed in the world's most renowned concert halls, including. in the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and in Poland in the hall of the NOSPR in Katowice, the National Theater in Warsaw or the Musical Theater in Gdynia. No domestic or foreign star will refuse to perform on such a system. At Jassmine, from the very beginning, the goal was to ensure that everyone attending the event had the highest possible sound quality.

photo: press materials | Jassmine

Jassmine is a must-see place, and anyone who fancies an evening serving a feast for literally all the senses should stop by. The interior is filled with specially designed fragrance compositions. We look forward to returning to experience live music and architecture.

Marta Kowalska

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