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Lodz golden tower or political space

29 of December '21

A luxury Golden Tower skyscraper will be built at Piotrkowska Street in Lodz. This was made possible by the decision of the city council, which agreed to change the parameters of the development proposed by the investor. The construction, which is being carried out on the basis of the provisions of the so-called lex developer, is a reminder of how political architecture and space are.

Consent for the construction of a 70-meter skyscraper was given by councilors on December 22, at this year's last session. Thanks to the politicians' decision, an apartment building with about 100 premium apartments will be possible. The lower floors will include commercial premises and parking spaces. The architectural concept of the building is the responsibility of the Design Lab Group studio from Lodz.


Łódź centrum

photo by Mietek Ł. / Wikimedia Commons

The Golden Tower will rise at the intersection of the city's main street, Piotrkowska, and Mickiewicza Avenue, which is one of the most important arteries for traffic in the center. The provisions of the local zoning plan in force at this location limited the size of the development so as to adjust its dimensions to the neighboring 19th century tenement houses. Thanks to the provisions of the housing speculative law, the developer managed to obtain permission to increase the parameters of development intensity and its height, which will translate directly into his income.

landfill and saloons

Golden Tower

photo: Design Lab Group / UMŁ

Thedecision of the councilors changed the planningprovisions in force and adopted by them, resulting from the city's spatial policy. It was on the basis of these that the plot for the construction of the skyscraper was acquired by the investor in 2018. Its value was valued on the basis of the then possible parameters that could be achieved by an investment realized in this place. At the time, the plan to build a seven-story hotel was rejected by the preservation service, which outraged the developer, Piotr Misztal. In retaliation, he was to set up... a garbage dump at the site. Instead, however, he proposed building a 110-meter high-rise building incompatible with the study and development plans. After the rejection of this project as well, wooden saloons, officially called an art installation, stood on the plot.

At the expense of residents

Golden Tower

photo Design Lab Group / UMŁ

However, the tussle with conservation services and city authorities, defending the existing spatial policy, was ended by the lex deweloper law. It was thanks to it that politicians were finally persuaded to change earlier decisions. If the adopted, changed parameters of development on the plot had been in effect in 2018 - the land would have been worth much more than PLN 3 million. Thus, with their decision, the councilors deprived the city not only of consistency in shaping its space, but also of significant income. Such actions by the investor, but also by the politicians conducting the negotiations - are a reminder of how political the building and shaping of urban spaces is.


The skyscraper itself is to have a sculpted form, so as to relate to the varied dimensions of the city center buildings. The lower base of the building will be the height of a neighboring tenement, while the middle slightly withdrawn mass will reach the height of the Central department store. The building's roof, meanwhile, will be at the height determined by the skyscrapers of Lodz's Manhattan.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast