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Classics in interiors and fashion. Men's fashion salon designed by AMJ studio

Dobrawa Bies
16 of November '21
Technical data
Name: Dąbrowski & Góral men's fashion salon
Investor: Dąbrowski & Góral Tailoring Brand.
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Poland
Studio: AMJ studio
Design team: Adam Jankowski, Kamil Paszek
Photos: AMJ studio
Area: 62,7 m²


  • design
  • realization


The architects at AMJ studio faced a completely new challenge for them, taking on the interior design of a men's fashion showroom. In order to approach the task in the best possible way, they explored the secrets of bespoke tailoring, and the premises itself, located on the first floor of one of Warsaw's townhouses, were "tailored to size just like a comfortable suit."

The interior design of the service premises for the Dąbrowski & Góral tailoring brand on Mokotowska Street in Warsaw refers to classic men's fashion stores. Architects Adam Jankowski, Kamil Paszek of AMJ studio decided to use stucco, dark oak-colored shelving and polished brass accessories to display clothes and accessories. For the sake of customer comfort, the authors used zoning of the space. In addition to two display rooms, space was set aside for a tailor's studio and a back room.

salon mody męskiej

interior of a warsaw men's fashion salon

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa Bies: You specialize in projects for houses and apartment interiors, the men's fashion salon is a new challenge for you, how did you approach it?

AMJ studio: Actually, the men 's fashion salon was a new challenge for us. In order to approach such an undertaking well, we began work on the project with some decent research - at meetings with the owners of the Dąbrowski & Góral brand, we learned about the nature of their work and what characterizes Neapolitan tailoring and Italian design. The main intention of the project was to reflect the character of the brand in the interior of the salon.

salon mody, widok
przez witrynę Przymierzalnia w salonie

The salon is maintained in a classic style

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa: Where did you start with the project? Did the investor give you a specific framework, guidelines?

AMJ studio: The whole work was preceded by the pre-design analysis mentioned in the previous answer, which was based on two aspects. The first was to learn about the guidelines and the investor's way of working, capturing the nature of bespoke tailoring. We started our work by visiting the existing showroom of the Dąbrowski & Góral brand in Poznań on Ratajczaka Street. We followed the process of sewing a tailored suit - a great role is played here by intimacy, individual approach to the customer, comfortable environment. For this reason, the premises were divided into two independent rooms, each with its own changing room.

salon mody męskiej,
lustro w złotej ramie

Bookcase in dark oak and accent in the form of a gold mirror frame

© AMJ studio

The venue also had to be very functional and roomy. For this reason, we borrowed fabric swatches, shoe boxes, suspenders, hangers from the investor, so that the custom-designed furniture would manage to accommodate it all. We tried to make the premises "tailor-made, just like a comfortable suit." The second aspect of preparation was to get to know service establishments of a similar nature - in Poznan, for this purpose, we visited Stary Browar - a place of great architectural and interior design inspiration, and in Warsaw, Mokotowska Street, where, in the vicinity of the premises we designed, there are many high-end boutiques.

w salonie mody męskiej Drzwi prowadzą do drugiego

The premises have been divided into zones

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa: The interior is reminiscent of classic, elegant men's fashion stores. Tell us about the materials, textures and design solutions used.

AMJ studio: We were very keen to create a coherent space with an individual character. To this end, we used a subdued color palette so as not to compete with the investor's exposed projects. We brightened up the interior with brass accessories that perfectly match the grays, navy blue and dark brown wood. Introducing stucco on the walls and a large, stylized mirror in a gold frame, we wanted to highlight the palace style in the interior, which, together with the symmetrical layout and composition, brings to mind a Baroque residence. An important function in the interior is also played by lighting - it is its distribution, intensity and color that informs the client about the investor's realizations and emphasizes their importance.

Salon mody,

Polished brass accessories add character

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa: How can you summarize your work on the project? Fashion showrooms are a direction you would also like to pursue?

AMJ studio: We are very pleased with the realization presented. We like challenges, also we were happy when investors visited us with a project with such a remarkable theme. We found it very inspiring to delve into the canons of bespoke tailoring, the advanced sewing process, and the opportunity to touch many fabric patterns. We see a lot of common ground in working on interiors and in sewing to size, so we understood each other well with the investor. We don't want to lock ourselves into one design direction - we have open minds and are able to take on any interesting topic, preceding it with the appropriate factual preparation.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Dobrawa Bies

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