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Floors, flooring, doormats, terraces - trends 2022

Ola Kloc
20 of June '22

Floors, flooring, doormats, terraces - trends 2022

Floors, flooring, doormats or terraces do not have to be boring! In addition to the obvious functional considerations, it is worth leaning on their aesthetic qualities and looking for solutions tailored to our needs, after all, a terrace is an extension of our home, floors and flooring are investments for years, and doormats help in maintaining cleanliness on a daily basis. Welcome to a review of fashionable and practical flooring and terrace solutions!

An extension of the house

Can a terrace be a place of relaxation only during good weather? How to comfortably use this extension of the house also in the off-season? The solution can be functional and aesthetically pleasing terrace can opies by Tarasola, which blend in with the architecture of the house and shield it from unfavorable weather conditions.

Tarasola Cubic

© Tarasola

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Terrace like a second home

durability and ecology

Laminate panels, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, cork, carpet... There are many ways to finish a floor, but not all of them are equally durable and comfortable to use. One of the latest solutions are SPC floors from RuckZuck, whose secret is the construction with a rigid core that gives the floor exceptional durability.

Podłoga SPC Everglades

© RuckZuck

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SPC floors - durability, lightness and ecology in one

innovative solutions

If you are renovating a house or adapting an attic and looking for innovative solutions to reinforce old ceilings, it is worth taking a look at TIM-EX's offer. Instead of preparing the subfloor for a new floor, you can use PRESTO's innovative solutions, which will allow you to get an attractively priced, durable, light and quiet ceiling in a short time.

Przygotowane podłoże do ułożenia płyt PRESTO


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Lightweight, durable floor with PRESTO system

inspiration of natural stones

The effect of natural stone in interiors? Now it's possible with Cerrad 's new collection of clinker and porcelain stoneware tiles inspired by stone, quartzite and marble, among others, which can decorate floors, walls, terraces and elevations. The brand's offer includes tiles to create a unique Scandinavian kitchen, a moody bedroom or a vintage-style living room.

Brazilian Quartzite Natural

© Cerrad

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New Cerrad tile collections - ideal for floors, flooring and terraces

functionality and aesthetics

How to keep an office space clean? Facility do ormats included in the offer of Polish manufacturer Polentex can help. The proposed system doormats are proven in various facilities to be effective in maintaining cleanliness and prolong the good condition of indoor floors. Entrance mats are made to individual customer orders.

Wycieraczki systemowe polskiej produkcji Polentex

© Polentex

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System doormats of Polish production Polentex

cleanliness and safety

Doormats are an extremely important element of the entrance area, they not only help to maintain cleanliness, but also take care of safety by protecting against slipping and reduce the cost of using the building by eliminating the entry of water and waste . Tailored to the building, Bela ' s system doormats can be filled with various inserts, depending on your needs.

Bela - wycieraczki aluminiowe

© Bela

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Bela - aluminum doormats

an effective tool in the fight for cleanliness

The first step in the daily care for the cleanliness of facilities are.... appropriate doormats (external, internal, with company logo or those at home - there are plenty of solutions!) Products available in the offer of Polish brand Unimat are characterized by original design and individual approach to customer expectations.

Wysokiej jakości wycieraczki obiektowe

© Unimat

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Effective tools for the daily struggle for cleanliness

timeless elegance

French herringbone, a classic and elegant way of zigzagging wooden floors at a 45° angle, has been fashionable since the 16th century! You can find this timeless and universal package, which also works well in many interiors today, in the offer of Kaczkan. The brand offers a wide range of finishes and colors.

Onyx to podłoga lakierowana z kolekcji Top of the World

Photo: Fotomohito

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French herringbone - timeless style for elegant interiors

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