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French herringbone - a timeless style for elegant interiors

03 of June '22

Classic and timeless interior with French herringbone. From the series "Floors, flooring, doormats, terraces - trends 2022".

French herringbone parquet is a real design hit of recent months. Once found in townhouses and mansions, today it has triumphantly returned to living rooms as an idea for a classic and timeless interior. What is worth knowing about French fir? Learn about the Chevron 45 French herringbone collection from the Kaczkan brand.

Where did the name French herringbone come from?

French herringbone is a classic rediscovered! What distinguishes this way of laying the floor and why the name "French"? French herringbone flooring is laid from wooden planks, which are cut at a 45° angle. When put together, the two staves form a 90° angle, and the pattern resembles a sharp arrowhead, and when viewed from the side - an accordion or zigzag or just the characteristic shape of a coniferous tree.

What is the story behind this way of laying parquet? The flooring in the characteristic chevron pattern originated in France (hence the name). The first time wooden floors were laid this way was in the 16th century at the court of the French king, Francis I of Valois. And since the royal court has always been a model of elegance and a trendsetter, including in the interior design of palaces and mansions, French parquet quickly became hugely popular in the residences of the aristocracy of France and throughout Europe.

Jodełka francuska

French herringbone - ONO Group

Photo: ONI Studio

From the mansions, French herringbone made its way to the townhouses of the wealthy bourgeoisie of Paris. It was not a cheap way of laying a floor, it also required (and still requires) more skill than laying "ordinary" longitudinal boards. Therefore, French herringbone could be afforded by few, and soon oak floors with this pattern became a symbol of chic, elegance and luxury.

Fortunately, now, although the price of French herringbone is still not low, not only court aristocrats can afford it. Interior architects and lovers of stylish arrangements have fallen in love with it, especially in the atmosphere of Parisian townhouses.

In what interiors will the French herringbone work?

Chevron 45 herringbone is a pattern that suits many different arrangements. The first choice is, of course, classic interiors. Parisian style, modern classic, mid-century modern, vintage are ideas for arrangements for which herringbone is even made.

Nowoczesna sypialnia z piękną podłogą od Kaczkan

Modern bedroom with beautiful floor from Kaczkan - MS Projekt

Photo: Fotomohito

In classic interiors, the most common choice is an elegant parquet floor with hardly visible grain and a timeless natural wood color or possibly lightened. In elegant designs, French herringbone in a deeper, darker shade is also encountered (although less often), which looks great as a background for antiques or retro furniture.

However, French herringbone is such a versatile and graceful pattern that it will also work well in more modern interiors - for example, glamour, Hamptons, New York style, and even in loft arrangements as a kind of counterpoint to austere decor.

Jodełka francuska doskonale podkreśli styl wnętrza i doda mu wyrazistości

French herringbone will perfectly emphasize the style of the interior and add clarity - MS Projekt

Photo: Fotomohito

Herringbone will also perfectly emphasize any sophisticated and designer interior. It all depends on the choice of the class of the floor, the way it is finished (oiling or varnishing) and, of course, the color.

Kaczkan French herringbone - what is worth knowing about it?

French herringbone, or Chevron 45 collection by Kaczkan, is one of the brand's biggest hits. No wonder - this unique pattern is distinguished by its slenderness, lightness and dynamism, and Kaczkan offers at the same time a very wide range of finish variants and color options. Thus, you can even use colored herringbone in your project, composed of boards of different colors! How about French herringbone not only on the floor, but also on the wall? With the range of Kaczkan products it is possible!

Sposób na przytulne wnętrze to naturalny koloryt drewna

The way to a cozy interior is natural wood color - MS Projekt

Photo: Fotomohito

How is Kaczkan Premium French herringbone made? The floor is distinguished by its innovative execution in two-layer parquet technology. The planks of pedunculate oak from the Warmian-Masurian forests consist of two layers of wood joined together with glue. The noble top layer is an oak frieze about 3-4 mm thick, and the bottom layer can be made up of deciduous or coniferous underlay.

Each wooden stave is subjected to a specific treatment, varnishing or oiling and UV curing. The result? Kaczkan Premium French Herringbone can be used immediately after installation, without any additional work, and the parquet can be renewed, i.e. sanded, if necessary.

French herringbone - choose a lacquered or oiled version!

You can choose floors from the Chevron 45 collection of Kaczkan Premium in an option finished with UV varnishes (semi-matte or super-matte) or hybrid oils with an admixture of waxes. Kaczkan Premium lacquered floors are the essence of the best in wooden parquets - lacquers bring out the natural beauty of the wood, while perfectly protecting it from micro mechanical damage and moisture, so the durability of the proDeska is extended. Do not forget about proper care!

See how to care for wood floors!

You can choose semi-matte varnishes, which give the effect of a classic, elegant floor, which looks very good just for French herringbone. If you prefer a matte effect, choose a super-matte varnish, which is deceptively similar to oiled boards.

Onyx to podłoga lakierowana z kolekcji Top of the World

Onyx is a lacquered floor from the Top of the World collection - Anna Maria Sokolowska

Photo: Fotomohito

On the other hand, the oils that Kaczkan uses to finish its floors are UV-cured natural hybrid oils with enhanced resistance, with an admixture of waxes. Their fashionable matte appearance perfectly reproduces natural oak wood. The floor is shine-free thanks to appropriately selected technology.

The color range of Chevron 45 floors from Kaczkan is very wide when it comes to colors that emphasize the natural beauty of wood - it includes colors of natural oak, as well as floors with shades of white or gray, ideal for modern and stylish arrangements. They certainly fit into the convention of high-end natural interiors.

Piękny koloryt podłogi Onyx powstaje w procesie wędzenia drewna

The beautiful color of the Onyx floor is created in the process of smoking the wood - Anna Maria Sokolowska

Photo: Fotomohito

French herringbone is a floor that emphasizes classic atmosphere and sophisticated design like no other. It suits both historic interiors and completely contemporary ones. Choose this floor finishing idea if you love natural wood and elegance, inspiration from French townhouses and good style that never goes away!

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