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Facade and wall materials - trends 2022

25 of July '22

Facade and wall materials - trends 2022

Walls and facades are some of the most important elements of buildings, the boundary between what is inside and what is outside. They protect against weather phenomena, noise, and are also the showcase of the building. How to choose the best solutions that will serve us for years? What are the trends in the market of facade and wall materials? We invite you to review interesting proposals!

Aesthetic and functional

The facade is the business card of the building, in addition to aesthetics, it is worth taking care of its durability, airtightness and resistance to changing weather conditions. This will be helped by ARPANEL brand sandwich panels, which are perfect for, among others, buildings of cubic objects, industrial halls, warehouses, production, commercial, agricultural or sports halls.

Płyty warstwowe jako obudowa elewacji


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decoration of facades

As reported by specialists from Blachy Pruszyński, the fashion for minimalism is coming to an end, decorated elevations are coming back into favor. How to decorate exterior walls attractively? For example, with trapezoidal metal sheets. Particularly fashionable are the seam sheet, which combines tradition with modernity, and the facade corrugated profile, which adds multidimensionality to the facade.

Panel dachowy na rąbek

© Blachy Pruszyński

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advanced solutions

When choosing façade and wall materials, it is also worth paying attention to aspects related to energy-efficient and passive construction. Is this possible when creating modern, glazed facades? As much as possible. Aluprof, known for its aluminum systems, ensures that the products available in its offer meet all these requirements.

Neuca, Toruń

© Aluprof

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wood, stone, concrete

According to specialists from the Fundermax brand, it is towards these materials that facade design trends are turning. Vigilant to changes in the market, the brand offers, among other things, durable Max Compact Exterior facade panels built from sheets of recycled wood and a range of laminates with stone and concrete decors.Max Compact Exterior

© Fundermax

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lightweight, durable and natural

Lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly? Such are the fiber-cement facade panels proposed by the EQUITONE brand. Constructed from natural raw materials, the thin panels provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for the building, and are also waterproof and frostproof. What more could you want?

Panele elewacyjne EQUITONE


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The wall - the heroine of every interior

Walls are the backdrop of our everyday life, but they also make up the largest area of a room. If you are looking for an idea for their interesting arrangement, it is worth paying attention to VOX brand panels - Kerradeco, which can successfully replace paint or wallpaper; Linerio, or elegant laths; Soform upholstered panels, which will give the interior a cozy feel, or Slot multifunctional boards.

Panele dekoracyjne Kerradeco


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effective combination of layers

The most popular method of insulating the exterior walls of buildings is the "light-wet" method, which uses a thermal layer of Styrofoam or mineral wool. For perfect, durable and technically correct bonding of the layers, properly selected finishing profiles are necessary, for example, those available in the Bella Plast brand offer.

Profile wykończeniowe do systemów dociepleń od Bella Plast

© Bella Plast

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design... by ear

Is it possible to combine acoustic optimization of space with interior aesthetics? Of course! The Polish company Nyquista encourages you to take into account the acoustic layer in interiors and design by ear.The brand's specialists deal with acoustic measurements, simulations, as well as the production and installation of tailor-made panels and partitions.

Nyquista - realizacje

© Nyquista

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cover up, reveal

Light and shadow are phenomena that can create amazing visual effects. An openwork expanded metal facade creates intriguing clearances for natural light, while being lightweight, durable and economical. What's more, the sheets available from RMIG generate no manufacturing waste and require no maintenance.

Żywa elewacja - panele ułożone w różnych kierunkach dają wrażenie nieregularności fasady


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at the highest level

TheWarsaw Brewery designed by JEMS Architekci won a slew of industry awards this year. In realizing the distinctive building of the Apartments at the Brewery, the architects relied on original copper-colored expanded metal facade shutters available from BARWA SYSTEM. Be sure to check out other products from this manufacturer!

Browary Warszawskie w Warszawie


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for the sake of acoustic comfort

How to take care of the acoustic comfort of our homes? By choosing the right elements for wall construction. The wall element systems available from the Leca brand - Leca® BLOK acoustic aerated concrete blocks - support the properties of absorbing sound waves passing through the partition.

Leca®BLOK - ściany o wysokiej izolacyjności akustycznej

© Leca

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Spanish flair

Modern, ultra-compact Dekton quartz sinters produced by the Spanish company Cosentino are materials that make it possible to achieve a spectacular facade finish. This material offers unlimited design possibilities, is durable and lightweight, and what's more, it is available in a wide range of colors - to choose from, to color!

Elewacje ze spieków Dekton

© Cosentino

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