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SPC flooring - durability, lightness and ecology in one

16 of June '22

SPC composites: the best qualities of various products. From the series "Floors, flooring, doormats, terraces - trends 2022".

Laminate panels, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, cork, carpet... There are many ways to finish a floor, but not all of them are to the same degree durable and comfortable to use. One of the latest solutions are SPC floors, which combine the best qualities of various products. Why should you be interested in them?

podłoga SPC Besancon

SPC Besancon flooring

© RuckZuck

At RuckZuck, we keep a close eye on trends, listen to the needs of buyers and constantly update our assortment to provide our customers with solutions that meet their various expectations. After a wide range of waterproof panels, which continue to be very popular, we bet on composite floors, which are a compromise between laminate panels and ceramic tiles. Importantly, not only are they functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing, but they were also created in the spirit of respect for the environment, which is of great value especially nowadays," says Katarzyna Sliwinska, marketing and advertising manager, RuckZuck.

Light as a feather, durable as a rock

The secret of SPC floors is construction with a rigid core, which gives the floor exceptional durability. In the case of solutions available in the RuckZuck offer, the secret also lies in the CERAMIN® material - it is the base of each board, and its excellent technical properties guarantee high resistance to damage. It is understood not only as excellent resistance to surface scratches (abrasion class AC5/AC6), but also as total water resistance. This means that we will lay composites literally in any interior - whether in the living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Thus, we will create a consistent decor, without worrying about the difficulties of combining different materials. The installation itself is also smooth - all you need is a knife to cut the boards, and they are laid without glue using the intuitive Easyloc and Megaloc systems. The lightweight construction and low thickness (4 mm) are also pluses for transportation.

podłoga SPC Karoo

SPC Karoo flooring

© RuckZuck

The key role of ecology

The uniqueness of the SPC floors offered by RuckZuck is also manifested in their ecological character. Only green electricity from hydroelectric power plants is used in the production process. The product itself, meanwhile, is PVC-free, emits no harmful chemicals and is 100% recyclable. Thus, it will gain a new life after it has served its purpose. Thus, it is safe for both the health of users and the planet. This is also evidenced by the Blue Angel certification it has received, which has recognized environmentally friendly products and services since 1978.

podłoga SPC Crissolo

SPC Crissolo floor

© RuckZuck

Wide selection of natural decors

3 collections, and among them a total of 20 models - from so many possibilities people interested in SPC floors can choose. Wood and stone patterns, subtle tonal transitions, outlined surface texture, beveled edges are the elements that give the composites an extremely natural look. They are available in various formats - laid on the floor they can resemble planks or stoneware tiles. The pleasant-to-the-touch surface makes them comfortable to use even without underfloor heating.

podłoga SPC Mokala

SPC Mokala floor

© RuckZuck

SPC composites are solutions for people who want to combine following trends with a sense of comfort and concern for the environment. They make it easy to introduce stone and wood decors into a space. They work great in any interior, giving it a harmonious character.


RuckZuck is a professional showroom with panels, which offers the widest selection of laminate floors, interior doors and finishing materials on the market. The decision to buy the right models and designs is facilitated by expert advice from staff. As part of comprehensive customer service, RuckZuck outlets also offer transportation and installation of purchased products.

For more information, visit the company's RuckZuck Biz Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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