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SPC CERAMIN® composite flooring - natural appearance and durability in the interior

10 of March '22

SPC CERAMIN® floors - the advantages of panels and ceramics combined in a modern composite floor.

They are an interesting alternative to ceramic tiles, with their ecological nature they are conducive to the environment, and their elegant designs are a decoration for any interior. We are talking about SPC floors, a new proposal in RuckZuck's offer, which combine exceptional technical and aesthetic qualities. What is their uniqueness and why is it worth using them in a residential space?

What are SPC floors?

SPC floors, otherwise known as composites, are distinguished by a rigid core, thanks to which they are characterized by exceptional strength. They are a compromise between traditional panels and ceramic tiles - they bring out the greatest qualities of these two solutions and encapsulate them in a new, innovative product.

Podłogi SPC dostępne w ofercie firmy RuckZuck

SPC floors available in the offer of RuckZuck

© RuckZuck | CLASSEN

RuckZuck's assortment includes 20 models
made with SPC technology based on CERAMIN® material.

All of them were created with respect for nature,
and provide users with unparalleled comfort.

Basel — podłoga SPC (kompozytowa) z oferty firmy RuckZuck © RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Basel - SPC (composite) flooring from RuckZuck's offering

© RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Impact on the environment and well-being

SPC flooring is based on CERAMIN® material, for the production of which only green electricity from hydroelectric power plants is used. It is emission-free, completely PVC-free and 100% recyclable. The eco-friendly nature of the floors is also confirmed by the Blue Angel certificate obtained, which is awarded to environmentally friendly products, and the evaluation takes into account such aspects as:

  • saving of raw material,
  • saving of pollution,
  • noise reduction,
  • elimination or reduction of waste
  • the possibility of reusing them.

Thus, the interior has a healthy climate, and homeowners can feel comfortable and safe.

Austin — podłoga SPC (kompozytowa) z oferty firmy RuckZuck © RuckZuck | CLASSEN Karoo — podłoga SPC (kompozytowa) z oferty firmy RuckZuck © RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Austin and Karoo - SPC (composite) floors available from RuckZuck

© RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Reliable durability and ease of installation

Simple and intuitive installation of composites is another advantage of SPC floors. A great convenience is the lightness of the construction and the lack of need to reach for specialized tools. A wallpaper cutter is all that is needed to cut them, and joining is done with convenient megaloc and easyloc click systems - no glue is needed. This makes it possible to successfully install the floor yourself, saving time and avoiding the generation of dust and dirt.

Interestingly, despite their inconspicuous structure, composites show special resistance to damage. They have a very high abrasion class(AC5 or AC6), so we do not have to worry about scratching the surface during everyday use. Water resistance is also an important advantage. A leaking flowerpot, water dripping from umbrellas and jackets, a spilled drink or a dishwasher malfunction will not cause the floor to warp. Thus, while staying at home, we can concentrate on relaxing, and while being out, we do not have to worry about possible damage to the floor.

Denali — podłoga SPC (kompozytowa) z oferty firmy RuckZuck © RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Denali - the natural look of SPC (composite) flooring available from RuckZuck

© RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Flooring in its natural glory

RuckZuck's offer includes a number of proposals in wood and stone decors. All of them, thanks to the method of digital printing, look extremely natural, faithfully reflecting the natural raw material. Their harmonious appearance is also influenced by beveled edges, thanks to which individual elements remain subtly separated from each other. We can choose from light, dark and neutral colors - we can easily find a solution that suits our design needs.

SPC flooring modules in RuckZuck's offer are available in several sizes:

  • 246×1290 mm,
  • 203×1290 mm,
  • 387×776 mm.

Bishop — podłoga SPC (kompozytowa) z oferty firmy RuckZuck © RuckZuck | CLASSEN Como — podłoga SPC (kompozytowa) z oferty firmy RuckZuck © RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Bishop and Como - whether in a bathroom or a bedroom, SPC (composite) floors from RuckZuck's offer will perform superbly

© RuckZuck | CLASSEN

Who should reach for SPC floors?

Composite floors are the ideal solution for people who want to avoid the noisy and disruptive renovation associated with floor replacement, and put peace and comfort first. It will also appeal to those who strive to create a coherent design of the space - thanks to the excellent technical properties and warm to the touch surface, composite floors can be finished floors throughout the house. They will work great not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the kitchen, hallway and even in the bathroom. With them we will create a harmonious arrangement that will delight with naturalness, and at the same time we will take care of the environment.

For more information, visit the company's RuckZuck Biz Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal
and on the manufacturer's website - RuckZuck Floors.

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