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08 of February '21

How does light affect the perception of the environment? The properties of light, can be described, but it is best to see them. That's why the AQForm brand has created the "AQF Light Laboratory". - a place that allows you to experience what light is for architecture. Today, for the last time this year, during an online meeting , you can learn about how to use the benefits of light in design.

The AQForm brand gives you the opportunity to visit the "AQFLight Lab" online, right from the comfort of your armchair!

In December this year, as many as three such meetings were held. During the hour-long event you could learn:

  • how to use light in interior design,
  • how light affects our daily environment,
  • where, when and why a particular type of light works best,
  • what are the latest trends in the lighting industry.

The online tour is aimed primarily at architects, designers and lighting enthusiasts. During the meeting, AQForm experts will show how to use the advantages of light in design, so if you are interested in the design industry, we encourage you to join.

Showroom AQForm

AQForm showroom

© AQForm

TheAQForm showroom opened in late 2019. It's a space where you can not only see products from AQForm's portfolio, but most importantly learn about the impact of light on the space and the feel of interior spaces. It is a place that especially educates, which was recognized by the jury of the international IF DESIGN AWARD 2020 competition in the Interior Architecture category!

Online meeting calendar:

  • December 10 this year at 13.00, meeting conducted in Polish,
  • December 15 this year, 1 pm, meeting conducted in English,
  • December 16 this year, 1 p.m., meeting conducted in Polish,
  • January 20 this year, 1 pm, meeting conducted in Polish,
  • January 21 this year at 1 pm, meeting conducted in English
  • February 23 this year at 1 pm, meeting conducted in Polish.

Participation in the event is possible after prior registration on the organizer's website.

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