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Own office or business card of the studio. How the designers from Mikolajska Studio did it.

21 of October '20

Although according to the proverb, "a cobbler walks without shoes," this does not hold true for interior designers and designers. Having your own office where you can receive a client and present a project to them is just as important as a good portfolio - or maybe even more important? The designers from Mikołajska Studio, Krystyna Mikołajska and Ida Mikołajska, used the moment of designing their own office to show their capabilities and face new materials that they have not had the opportunity to work with before.

The office of the Mikołajska Studio is located in a 1938 building. Its post-war fate meant that the interior was remodeled several times. First it housed offices, and then the premises, where the studio is currently located, was being prepared for a catering business. This caused a lot of irregularity in the interior: almost no right angles and as many as five entrances to the premises. The designers also had to contend with remnants of previous remodels, including a poorly designed staircase.

beautiful and comfortable

However, these difficulties did not prevent the designers from creating an interesting interior that meets all the needs of the studio. When designing, they wanted to draw on their favorite motifs on the one hand, and on the other to demonstrate their ability to operate with different aesthetic languages. The intention when designing was to create a space that, on the one hand, would allow a team of 20 people to work comfortably and efficiently, and on the other hand, would charm the client. This goal was achieved by separating the office zones.

Mikołajska Studio

The client lounge at Mikolajska Studio

© Karol Kleszczyk

different styles

The designers have a large and bright common space at their disposal. Such a solution stems from the practice at Mikolajska Studio. Employees prefer to work in an open-space office, where they can easily consult among themselves. On the other hand, the client area, located directly at the main entrance, managed to accommodate all the necessary functions such as reception and waiting area. This space is meant to charm the people entering and convince them to stay in the studio as a client. The designers mention that they wanted people entering to find themselves in another world, like Alice in Wonderland. They used original wallpaper, plush upholstered furniture in tones of muted green and blue, and glamour-style accessories.

Mikołajska Studio

Open office at Mikolajska Studio

© Jakub Dziedzic

everything at hand

The designers emphasize that a great convenience in their work is the inclusion of a sample room in the office - a room that accommodates the materials most often used in projects. This allows clients to see live samples of fabrics or wallpapers. It's also a convenience for designers themselves, who also often want to take a closer look at the materials used. This helps in deciding on the best material for a project. The pattern room is located in the ground floor of the building, so it has been given a somewhat industrial character.

Mikołajska Studio

Pattern room

© Jakub Dziedzic

simply pleasant

When asked if there is anything that, from the perspective of time and working in the office she designed, could be changed, Ida Mikolajska answers:

I like the space we created for ourselves. This premises has its limitations, of course, but I think that the space is very well used and we wouldn't change anything here. Unfortunately, I work a lot and spend too many hours a day in the office. Fortunately, the office is cozy and we feel at home here. There is a big difference between working in a space where it is just OK and a space that is comfortable, friendly and aesthetic. Here it is simply pleasant.

Mikołajska Studio

Mikolajska Studio

© Karol Kleszczyk

He also emphasizes how important it was to include a pattern room in the design, which fills up with more and more materials over time:

It's comfortable, although as time goes on and the company grows, we slowly start to feel the need for more space. It's not about the number of workstations - because the atelier (the part where the designers work) is spacious and was envisioned with a fair amount of space, and we don't assume a significant expansion of the team. We would like to have more space enabling us to store materials. The availability of key samples "at hand" during the design process is a huge convenience and enhances its quality.

In conclusion, the designer adds:

A very big positive of having such an office is that this interior alone inspires a lot of confidence among clients who start working with them.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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