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Warsaw West with new station designed by DWAA Architects

13 of July '20

Construction of the Warsaw West railroad station has begun. The new facility designed by DWAA Architekci studio is a modern premise with covered platforms, escalators, plenty of light and a clear passenger information system.

Warsaw West is the largest station in Poland in terms of the number of trains running. On average, about a thousand agglomeration, regional, long-distance domestic and international trains pass through the station every day. Its reconstruction is another stage in the modernization of the cross-city line, and it will also improve the standard of management of the entire railroad junction, which will have a positive impact on the efficient movement of trains.

Dworzec Warszawa

Warsaw West is the largest station in terms of trains running

© DWAA Architekci

Modern Eastern Warsaw

According to Ireneusz Merchel, CEO of PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe S.A.:

Remodeled by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. Warsaw West will be the most modern railroad station in Poland. Every day, thousands of agglomeration and long-distance rail passengers will gain attractive travel and efficient connections to public transportation. Warsaw West will be tailored to the needs of all passengers. The station's new capabilities will increase the role of the railroad in the transportation system of Warsaw, the Mazovian Voivodeship and Poland.

Nowy dworzec Warszawa
Zachodnia, widok z lotu ptaka

The new design includes roofing of all platforms

© DWAA Architekci

a railroad station for everyone

Architects from DWAA Architekci are responsible for the design of the new station. The station will be fully accessible to people with limited mobility. There will be escalators and elevators suitable for transporting strollers and bicycles. Clear signage and a passenger information system will make it easier to use the railroad. All platforms will gain roofing, and an additional platform on the side of Tunnel Street will increase the capacity of trains.

zadaszone perony

Each of the platforms will be equipped with an elevator

© DWAA Architekci

Communication in the station area will be facilitated by a footbridge that will connect Wola and Ochota. The underpass will be completely changed - it will be higher and wider and connected to the waiting area and ticket offices. The underpass will also be extended to platform No. 8 by the ring line.
At Warszawa Zachodnia station, the new track layout will allow trains to pass from the ring line to the Radom line and create direct connections Piaseczno - Legionowo and Legionowo - Chopin Airport. About 30 km of track, 130 turnouts and the catenary network will be comprehensively rebuilt.

Przejście podziemne
Warszawa Zachodnia

new underpass

© DWAA Architekci

construction stages

Train traffic and passenger service will be maintained during the reconstruction of Warsaw West. The construction of an underpass on the side of the ring line - platform No. 8 - is planned first. Among other things, a local rail traffic control center and a new platform on the side of Tunelowa Street will be prepared. The contractor will proceed with the construction of a footbridge on the eastern side of the station. This solution will ensure access to the platforms during the reconstruction of the existing underpass. Essential track work will start from Tunelowa Street and will be carried out in the direction of Jerozolimskie Avenue.

Construction is scheduled to becompleted in the second half of 2023. The investment is being carried out thanks to funding from the European Union.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.

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