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The autumn edition of the Architecture Open Studio Festival is about to start!

20 of November '22

FOPA 2022 (autumn edition)

Broadcasts of the meetings will be available on our channels


The seventh installment of the Festival of Open Architecture Studios, an event accompanying the Open Eyes Economy Summit, will kick off this Thursday (November 24 at 1 pm). This year we will visit architectural offices in Poznan, the Tri-City and New York! See whose work we will approach this time!

Organized by A&B since 2018, the event will once again provide a glimpse into the interiors of the best design offices in Poland and around the world and a look at the daily work of the architects and architects who create in them. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask live questions, for example, about the activities of the studios or the architectural profession. All meetings will be broadcast live on A&B's YouTube channel and Facebook page.

This year we will visit three offices:

Ultra Architects
November 24, 1 pm

The motto of the Poznan-based studio, founded in 2004 by Marcin Kościuch and Tomasz Osięgłowski, is the words of Czech architect Jan Kaplicki - "It's not important how many tons of "concrete" you use in life, it's important how." You can learn more about its authors and the studio itself here.


November 25, 1 pm

MAARTE is a team of exceptional architects from the Tri-City area, who, as they write themselves - design humanely and for people. Are you curious where the name of the studio comes from? How to build a design office from scratch? Before they open their doors on Friday, we invite you to a short interview with Mark Lancucki [link].

Only If

November 28, 3 pm

On Monday, November 28, the festival will close with Only If, a design office based in New York and Poland. Karolina Częczek and Adam Frampton will give a guided tour of the studio located overseas.


The Festival of Open Architectural Offices is a great opportunity to see from behind the scenes what happens every day in architectural offices and personally ask the architects working in them about issues of interest to us. It will be the same this year - we invite you to the autumn edition of FOPY and the OEES congress. See you there!


Partners of the event are:

Theevent is held under thepatronage of SARP Krakow Branch.

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