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Modular iceberg - home of Sikora Wnętrza Architektura studio

02 of April '20

We won't elaborate on catastrophic visions of further crises affecting the world. However, when one feared an attack by a nuclear bomb, hurricanes (we all know those American movies in which cows fly, carried away by a gust of air), or bombing, basements, underground bunkers were suitable hiding places.

Today we face other dangers. Architects are already preparing for them. Jan Sikora of {tag:Studio} together with Veronika Kostanecka created the "Ice Berg " house - a modular house. Each segment is identical - they are equilateral triangles with sides measuring six meters, and the vertices of each module are at different heights.

Modules can be made in Q-Moduletechnology using hybrid-reinforced concrete of C30/37 to C50/60 class, with installations embedded in the walls. Such a module provides a solid and durable structure and mobility. Windows can be installed freely in relation to the roof system, allowing adequate illumination of specific rooms. Their height, depending on the measurement point, is two, four or six meters.

Ice Berg

Ice Berg

© Sikora Wnętrza Architektura

The architects decided to create a mezzanine floor in the living room and bedroom to make the best use of the space. The interior of the house was finished in white with elements made of light wood, so it corresponds visually with the concept of the iceberg house. The designers were also concerned with ecological and sustainable building solutions. The prefabricated elements are produced in conditions where environmentally harmful substances are not emitted. The materials used are not only robust, but also resistant to heavy loads or unfavorable weather conditions.

Despite the catastrophic surroundings of the project, Ice Berg can also serve as a weekend house. The house is a conceptual project for now, but it is possible that many such buildings will be built in the future.

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