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What does a house inscribed in six triangles look like? Here's an idea from MAG Architects

02 of June '20
Technical data

House inscribed in six triangles

Location: Poland, Wilanów
Project: MAG Architekci
Design team: Marcin Grzyb, Justyna Repko, Piotr Kendzierawski, Marta Kendzierawska

Usable area:
475 m²
Project year: 2020
Year of implementation: 2021-2022

The house will stand on one of the single-family housing estates in Warsaw's Wilanów district. In addition to its original body, the design of the house is also intriguing with its terrace, which is located on the roof, almost in the crown of the trees. The architects envisage locating a sauna and swimming pool on it, hidden from the eyes of neighbors.

The house is to be built on the last vacant plot of one of the single-family housing estates in Wilanów. The project is inscribed in the impassable building lines in a rectangular triangle arrangement, which enclose the site compositionally. The main idea of the designers from the MAG Architekci studio was to create a house in which the interior and exterior would mingle.

Dom trójkątny w Wilanowie od MAG Architektów

The building is inscribed in a triangular frame that encompasses the first floor of the building

© MAG Architects

house inscribed in a triangle

The building is inscribed in a triangular frame that encompasses the first floor of the building. The south elevation is almost fully open through the two floors. From the windows one can enjoy the view of the forest, which is part of the developer's land. The ground floor of the house is surrounded by five triangular courtyards. One of them is the entrance patio - this is a representative part of the garden, where there will also be a bench. Another is the kitchen patio - a small patio that overlooks a pergola overgrown with greenery. The next is a terrace cut off from the view of neighboring houses, which instead faces the nearby forest. Here you can set up deck chairs, garden chairs and hammocks. It is a family relaxation area. The fourth courtyard is a driveway sheltered from the garden by a vertical openwork panel so that cars parked here cannot be seen. The fifth is located above the study.

treetop terrace

On the first floor of the house was located the living area, which on one side consists of the study, hall, kitchen and living room with dining room. On the other side is the boiler room, bathroom, dressing room and garage. On the first floor is the night zone with the master bedroom, to which a bath room and dressing room are adjacent, and three smaller bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. A sun terrace has been placed on the roof of the house, where the architects envisioned the creation of a home spa with a sauna and an open swimming pool. The zone is surrounded by walls of the facade, projecting above the roof line, so that homebuyers will be able to enjoy privacy. An impressive solution is the transparent bottom of the pool basin suspended in the two-story space of the living room and mezzanine.

elaborated: Basia Hyjek

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