WIŚNIOWSKI is a dynamically growing brand in the construction industry. As a leading manufacturer of gates, windows, doors and fences, it applies the strategy of providing products of the highest quality based on innovative technological solutions. Since its beginnings, WIŚNIOWSKI has focused not only on the purely practical aspects of its products. The company's three decades of operation have also seen the evolution of its outlook on design and style. Hence the decision to create a collection of gates, windows, doors and fences in one design - Home Inclusive 2.0, as well as developing a palette of patterns, colors and structures. All this in accordance with the principle that WIŚNIOWSKI company has been using since the beginning of its existence: "a luxury product is one that meets all - literally all - customer expectations." The highest quality of product manufacturing guarantees comfortable and safe use for many years.

WIŚNIOWSKI company's offer includes: garage gates - sectional, roller, tilt and swing gates; aluminum windows and facades; doors - exterior aluminum, technical, steel, fire doors; property fences; industrial gates - sectional, roller and suspended-sliding gates; industrial fences - sliding, double and single-leaf gates, folding gates and lattice panels.

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