WIŚNIOWSKI gates and fences - a showcase for your home

11 of November '21

WIŚNIOWSKI gates and fences - a showcase of the house

Garage door and fence are extremely important elements of a property. The fence is most often the first element that people passing by our house come into contact with. Thus, it serves as a showcase of what can be found behind it. Similarly, the garage door - it is usually the largest element of the front of the building and is perfectly visible from the street.


Wiśniowski MODERN entrance gate


What to pay attention to when choosing a fence and garage door?

The fence, contrary to popular opinion, is not only a showpiece of the property in the visual sense. It is also the first information for the environment: this is how the house is protected. So it's worth taking care of the solidity of the fence and making sure it's in top shape.

Height, translucency, i.e. the degree of openwork, and appropriate spacing between vertical elements are basic features of a fence as a protection against intruders. The structure must be solid.

Steel and concrete fences will work best as a security barrier. An advanced degree of security, on the other hand, will be achieved by incorporating the fence and entrance gate into the building's alarm system.


Wiśniowski MODERN entrance gate, Wiśniowski UniTherm garage door


In addition to classic designs, lattice fences are very popular in the WIŚNIOWSKI offer. They combine the advantages of mesh and metal fencing - they are light, characterized by the possibility of quick installation and high durability.

An example of such a solution are VEGA B lattice panels. Each panel is welded from steel rods. They are joined together vertically and horizontally. They are fixed so densely that it is impossible to climb over them. Such a fence, unlike mesh, is stable and durable, and inexpensive.

Garage doors - what to pay attention to?

When buying a garage door, we do not always know exactly which elements to pay special attention to. If we are looking for the best solution, it is worth opting for a sectional gate. It combines the best thermal insulation, safety, durability and functionality. In addition, sectional gates WIŚNIOWSKI - PRIME, UniTherm and UniPro meet the requirements of the "Clean Air" program.


Wiśniowski CLASSIC entry gate, PRIME garage door


Why is it worth choosing them?

In the process of choosing a garage door, you can't stop only at what is visible. At first glance, it is difficult to assess whether a product meets all the requirements to be safe to use. It is worth finding out whether the gate hasa set or the ability to connect photocells, guards for moving parts or an emergency brake.

A house is an investment for decades to come. All its elements should therefore be as durable as possible,
so that they can serve the homeowners for as long as possible.

The same is true of the garage door. Its quality - and therefore durability - depends not only on the materials used and the technological advancement of the factory. Extremely important is the production process itself, which must be planned in such a way as to be economical, dynamic and at the same time minimize the risk of error.


Wiśniowski PRIME garage door


Durability is also important. Torsion springs - one of the most important elements of the gate - in WIŚNIOWSKI brand products are able to work even 25 thousand cycles! A cycle is the opening and closing of the gate - this means that with four cycles per day, the gate will fulfill its tasks for over 17 years!

It is worth deciding right away to purchase an automatic garage door. With the comfort of its use can not be matched by either a swinging or swinging gate.

For more information, visit the company's WIŚNIOWSKI page on the A&B portal.

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