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Coworking zones: 3 examples of how to set them up well and modernly

11 of June '20

There's no denying it: coworking is triumphing. Increasingly bolder and designer ideas of architects are attracting clients from various industries to use open space offices. Places of this type with their unique character, innovative technological solutions and rich choice of working methods compete for valuable employees who are ready to spend their days in a stylish building.

If, on top of this, the designers take care of ergonomics and convenience of work, privacy and adequate comfort of users and availability of individual elements - success is guaranteed! Although in some cities there is talk of an excess of coworking spaces, the constant increase in their number confirms the needs of the modern labor market. See the most interesting ideas of Polish architects!

The most interesting coworking spaces: the well-known and well-liked Hala Koszyki

Let's start with a famous Warsaw spot, the Koszyki Hall, which has been immensely popular with the capital's citizens for several years. Converted from an old market hall, along with three other office buildings, it forms a unique architectural complex, designed by the Medusa Group team in cooperation with Warsaw-based JEMS Architekci. It is above the hall that Mindspace's first office in Poland is located. Cowork occupies an impressive 5,500 sq m spread over three floors, an extremely desirable feature for a capital city - they can ultimately accommodate 750 employees. Each floor of the open-plan office has been designed in a distinct style, giving space users the opportunity to find their effective corner.

cofee anybody?

Cowork MINDSPACE, a coffee shop

© Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw

The atmosphere of Hala Koszyki's coworking space is reminiscent of vintage style, enriched with industrial elements and hipster decorations. This interesting combination gives an extremely cozy effect - comfortable sofas and designer warm carpets make you feel homey and safe. Bicycles on the walls, an old gramophone and books, original graphics by Polish artists stimulate creativity and inspire you. And you can rent a bicycle at any time - every element of the decor is thoughtfully designed and maximally adapted to the needs of the users! The Mindspace office in Hala Koszyki is equipped with advanced technology, impressive common spaces and comfortable coworking rooms, while the designer arrangement and favorable lighting make every activity enjoyable. How to furnish a coworking area? Well, just like this: time passes differently here!

Cowork MINDSPACE, details

© Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw

The unusual history of Cluster Cowork

Let's move for a moment to Krakow, where quite recently a new concept with serviced offices opened in the very center of the city at Inwalidów Square on Józefitów Street. Cluster Cowork is located in a historic building, whose history dates back to World War II, and the coworking space itself was used during the communist period for militia catering purposes. Interestingly, the same building houses the aparthotel Wine Apartments, famous for its impressive selection of the finest Tuscan wines. As Cluster Cowork's owner Ewa Kucharska points out, the townhouse secures every need of its clients - they can work here, spend the night and delight their taste buds. She, along with second owner Piotr Miklaszewski, worked on the office design.

Cluster Cowork,

Cluster Cowork, reception area

© photo by Kamil Cichoń - CreAdd

The contractor Maciej Misiaszek from Soho Projekt effectively took care of every detail of the coworking space affecting the comfort of the working people. Industrial, but cozy and aesthetically pleasing arrangement and plenty of space to choose from, including seven service offices, conference rooms and dedicated desks. Glazing, harmony of shapes and loft-like interior design give Cluster Cowork a truly professional, inviting feel. The offices are equipped with large desks and comfortable chairs with headrests, fiber-optic internet and a high-quality ventilation and air-conditioning system. And to top it all off - a wonderfully equipped, spacious and interestingly arranged kitchen is conducive to taking a break from duties with unconventional conversations and tasty snacks!

Cluster Cowork,

Cluster Cowork, kitchen with dining area

© photo: Kamil Cichoń - CreAdd

How to set up a coworking office? open your mind at The Brain Embassy!

According to the creators and originators of this modern coworking space, a workspace should not only be safe, functional and ergonomic, but also unleash creativity and increase efficiency. In the name of this principle, the first Brain Embassy was established in Warsaw's Ochota district in the Agdar Park West office building. Artservis was the general contractor for the interior design, and modern furnishings supporting a healthy and rested body were provided by Kinnarps. After the successful debut, the investor and owner of the concept decided to expand further. At the moment, the Brain Embassy space can also be used in two locations in Warsaw's Mokotów district, in Tel Aviv, soon in Antwerp, and there are plans for further developments in the aforementioned countries and in Canada.

Brain Embassy

© Coworking Brain Embassy

The stunning developments offer spaces tailored to different needs. The different product lines are dedicated to small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, freelancers, as well as global corporations. The Be Together line provides access to open space - a creative space for people who like to surround themselves with others and benefit from shared energy and experience. Be Involved, a private office in a coworking space, is a solution that provides both the opportunity to participate in the diverse life of Brain Embassy and to work in the comfort of your own comfortable office. Be Yourself is a larger, private unity for your business, providing all the amenities available in your own space. Be Inspired will work well for a company meeting, conference, workshop, lecture or simply a job interview.

The rooms are tailored to accommodate various group sizes. All spaces have been designed in accordance with the concept of activity-based working, i.e. the principle of creating rooms diversified in style and purpose. Here everyone will find an effective place where he or she will feel comfortable, whether acting alone or working in a team. And as a break, you can take advantage of rooms for relaxation and meditation, inspiring corners that stimulate creativity, and spacious, furnished terraces.


Brain Embassy, a relaxation space

© Brain Embassy Coworking

In addition, Brain Embassy pays great attention to the health and well-being of its users, providing access to daylight at every point of work, open windows in the offices a sensational acoustic system, live plants and trees, and even chi gong yoga sessions or mindfulness training. Sounds inviting, doesn't it? It's a coworking space where you can do anything!

Brain Embassy, in addition to great interest from entrepreneurs, has gained recognition in the eyes of market experts, architects and journalists. This is confirmed by numerous awards, including the title of "Innovation of the Year" awarded in 2017 at the CIJ Awards, awards in competitions organized by Eurobuild CEE magazine, the consulting firm CBRE, as well as the International Media Design Award given by the Chinese interior design magazine Modern Decoration, the Best Office Awards 2019 in the Best Foreign Interior category, and Wellpower 2019. The nod for the architectural designs goes primarily to the Mode:lina™ studio and the Archicon studio.


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