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Another five Polish realizations will compete for the EU Mies Award 2022!

09 of September '21

In February this year we learned about the realizations nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, among them twenty projects from Poland. Today, a few months before the selection of the forty finalists for the EU Mies Award 2022, eighty-five more works have been added to the poll, including five from our country.

You can read more about the twenty projects nominated for the award here. More projects have just been added to this list:

Educational Pavilion Stone, Warsaw
proj.: eM4.Pracownia Architektury.Brataniec

{Educational Stone Pavilion, Warsaw,alt=Pawilon proj.: eM4.Pracownia Architektury.Brataniec,title=Educational Stone Pavilion, proj.: eM4.Pracownia Architektury.Brataniec}

© Marcin Czechowicz

Winner of the Grand Prix in the poll of the 2020 Architectural Award of Polityka, winner of the award in the category "Design of public space" of the 7th edition of the Architectural Award of the President of Warsaw. Resembling a boulder, the two-story educational pavilion is located in Warsaw's Golędzinowo district, right next to the Gdansk Bridge. The oblong concrete block is intended to serve better understanding of the natural riches of the Vistula River and education in the field of knowledge about birds and Vistula nature.

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Origami House,
proj.: medusa group

{Image@url=,alt=Origami House, proj.: medusa group,title=Origami House, proj.: medusa group}

© Juliusz Sokolowski

The unusual house inspired by the art of origami is less than 30 square meters in size. Its sculpted body adorns the space of a home garden on one of Toruń's plots, while the interior - provides a place for tranquility, relaxation and receiving guests. The steel structure of the house is covered with a graphite polyurethane coating, which made it possible to create a visually light body reminiscent of Japanese paper forms.

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Modernization and reconstruction of the Abram Gurewicz guesthouse,
proj.: Group 5 Architects

{Image@url=,alt=Modernizacja and reconstruction of Abram Gurewicz's boarding house, proj.: Grupa 5 Architekci,title=Modernization and reconstruction of Abram Gurewicz's boarding house, proj.: Grupa 5 Architekci}

© Adam Grzesik

Considered a gem of the "Swidermayer" style, Abram Gurewicz's richly decorated pre-war boarding house in Otwock, near Warsaw, has been adapted and expanded for use as a modern medical center. The very poor condition of the wooden building required designers from the Grupa 5 Architects studio to take radical action - it was decided to completely demolish and rebuild the boarding house using salvaged elements and restored decorations.

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Adaptation of a school building to a kindergarten,
proj.: PORT

Adaptacja school building to kindergartenAdaptacja school building to kindergartenAdaptacja school building to kindergarten

© Stan Zajączkowski

This is the second nomination in this edition for the team of the PORT studio from Wroclaw (the list also includes a monastery in Dobrzen Wielki). The project for a kindergarten in Opole included the expansion of a former school building and a change in its function, as well as the conversion of an outbuilding into a workshop for children and a day care center, while preserving the original historical layout of the building, its dimensions and details.

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Cukrownia Żnin,

{Image@url=,alt=Cukrownia Żnin, proj.: Bulak Projekt, LESS IS CORE, MML ARCHITEKCI, MIXD,title=Znin Sugar Factory, proj.: Bulak Projekt, LESS IS CORE, MML ARCHITEKCI, MIXD}

© Alka Murat

The project to adapt the 19th-century Żnin Sugar Factory (located in the city of Żnin in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship) into a conference and leisure center involved "reusing and recycling complex architectural structures on a very large scale." The former factory was adapted to new functions, and its massing remained almost unchanged (as the architects assure, new structures appeared only where necessary).

The winner of next year's award will be chosen by a jury consisting of architect Tatiana Bilbao, journalist and curator Francesca Ferguson, architect Mia Hägg, art historian Triin Ojari, architect Georg Pendl, Wise Ram founder Spiros Pengas and architect Marcel Smets. The shortlist of forty selected projects will be announced in January, the five finalists will be announced in February, and the award winner in April 2022.

compiled by:
Ola Kloc

Illustrations courtesy of the EU Mies Award 2022

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