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Hotels - arrangements and trends 2021

14 of April '21

Hotels - arrangements and trends 2021

Although the last few months have not been the best for the hospitality industry, let's hope that soon, with the arrival of summer, better times will come and the holiday season will flourish! And what is it that makes us remember some hotels and want to return to them not only for leisure, but even when going on a business trip? In addition to a great location, interesting architecture and aesthetically pleasing interior design, quality materials, comfortable solutions, top-level hygiene and a sense of security are important. We invite you to review solutions, materials and systems dedicated to hotels (and not only!).

aluminum prestige

In hotels, as important as beautiful and functional interiors can be their architecture and unconventional form. Aluprof, a manufacturer of aluminum systems, has supplied products to many hotel projects across Europe, including the Hilton chain facilities in London, Kiev and Warsaw, the Warsaw branch of Nobu or the Wroclaw hotel The Bridge MGallery designed by Forum Architekci, which uses the Aluprof MB-SR50N EFEKT semi-structural facade system.

The Bridge MGallery w systemach Aluprof, Polska, Wrocław

© Aluprof

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aesthetics and durability of materials

How we feel in a hotel interior is greatly influenced by the materials used in its arrangement. In the spaces of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest, architects from the Twenty2 degrees studio used Neolith® 's Calacatta Polished and Iron Frost surfaces, characterized by high quality parameters, aesthetic qualities and low emissivity, to create the right climate for each room.

Neolith® wytwarzane w warunkach „carbon neutral” zostało wybrane do realizacji okładzin hotelu Marriot

© Neolith®

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Neolith® Sintered Stone in the prestigious realization of the Marriott Hotel in Budapest

small elements of great importance

When arranging hotel interiors, it is worth taking care of even the smallest details, such as sockets or electrical switches, which create the individual character of the rooms. Their high quality and selection of appropriate technology increase the comfort and safety of users. Efapel offers wiring accessories, the main series of which are based on a single type of mechanism - if the interior design changes, it is enough to replace the frames and central elements themselves.

osprzęt do hoteli

© Efapel

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comfortable solutions

When choosing materials, furniture or fixtures for hotel interiors, it is worth considering their quality, functionality, durability and price. KFA Armatura offers modern and proven solutions, such as sensor faucets (SAMBA NEW and SALTO), which are hygienic to use and reduce water consumption, or showerheads with timeless design, such as those from the TANZANIT collection.

armatura łazienkowa Angelit White

© KFA Armatura

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hygiene at the highest level

Regardless of the size and standard of hotel rooms, hygiene should always come first. Complete bathroom solutions are offered by Duravit. In its offer modern technologies go hand in hand with design by recognized designers. The comfort of use, the quality confirmed by a lifetime warranty, and the Hygiene Glaze and Hygiene Flush technologies have been developed with a view to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, and with respect for the environment.


© Duravit

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barrier-free bathroom

Consistent aesthetics, functionality and accessibility should characterize hotel rooms. The mobile solutions available from HEWI allow for flexible arrangement of hotel bathroom equipment without barriers - individual elements simply clip into the permanently installed mounting plate, and when they are no longer needed, they can just as easily be removed. Mobile solutions provide the same functionality as permanently installed products - they provide secure support and, thanks to their folding capability, save space.

System 900


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elegant design
and advanced technology

Ensuring sanitary safety for guests is one of the hospitality industry's biggest challenges. With a solution comes Geberit, which offers, among other products, touchless sink faucets - Piave and Brenta - designed by London studio Christoph Behling Design, easy-to-clean edgeless to ilets from the Acanto line, as well as the modern AquaClean Mera washing toilets with patented WhirlSpray technology.

Geberit Acanto

© Geberit

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innovative access control

Electronic locks are already the norm in hotel room doors. SALTO 's available access control system is an innovative, wireless technology based on a virtual network that provides real-time control of the entire hotel facility - not only securing individual rooms, but also controlling the remaining doors according to established guest or service accesses, but also supporting seamless evacuation in the event of a fire.

Platforma hotelowa SALTO
-innowacyjny i bezprzewodowy system kontroli dostępu


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durable and aesthetically pleasing linings

Hotels are frequently visited facilities - daily arrivals of guests, cleaning, heavy suitcases on wheels, all of which can damage floor surfaces, so it is important to use durable materials. A modern trend is the use of carpeting, one of the faster ways to achieve a visually appealing, practical and durable floor. Carpet tiles from Ampel Group are also an interesting solution, allowing easy installation and freedom of design.


© Ampel Group

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