FAKRO Sp. z o.o

FAKRO was established in 1991 as a private company, based one hundred percent on Polish capital. In 28 years, it has developed from a small, family-owned plant into an international corporation, which today holds the position of vice-leader in the world roof window market.

Its co-founder and current president is Ryszard Florek - the originator and main implementer of the launch of roof window production in Poland. Today, FAKRO is one of the most innovative and rapidly developing companies in Poland.

Employing more than 3,300 people, the FAKRO Group includes 12 manufacturing companies and 16 distribution companies, located in Europe, Asia and America. FAKRO products can be found in more than 50 countries around the world - wherever there is demand for such products. Export sales account for 70% of total sales.

The company's offer

The company's offer, investing one hundred percent of profits, includes primarily:

  • wooden and aluminum-plastic roof windows of various designs and opening methodswindows for flat roofs
  • collars
  • electric control
  • roof hatches
  • tubular skylights
  • smoke removal
  • accessories for roof windows: blinds, curtains, internal and external blinds, external awnings
  • mounting accessories
  • films and membranes

FAKRO has also been selling loft ladders for more than a dozen years and is already number two in the international market.

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