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FAKRO Innoview vertical windows

16 of May '22

Innoview wood-aluminum vertical windows. From the series "Windows, doors - trends 2022"

The buildings where we live and work should not only be functional, but also durable and aesthetically pleasing. For this we need reliable products that will serve us for many years and please our eye. For several years, FAKRO has been offering exclusive wooden-aluminum Innoview vertical windows, which completely change the outlook on home space. Thanks to the use of modern solutions, we are given the opportunity to create beautiful interiors open to the world around us.

Quality and durability

Wood is a timeless material, and properly protected can serve for many years. Window profiles, made of wood, create a classic and natural atmosphere of interiors. From the outside, they are effectively protected by aluminum cladding, which provides a solid and stylish finish to the product. Wood and aluminum profiles are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to give each vertical glazing an individual touch. Thanks to the innovative and durable combination of wood and external aluminum cladding, Innoview windows do not require renovation, and the materials used in their production are of the highest quality. They are characterized by high resistance to extreme weather conditions, which allows for long-term use. The windows use state-of-the-art Siegenia hardware, which also guarantees the faultlessness and durability of Innoview window joinery. The windows have a quadruple sealing system that guarantees unconditional tightness.

The innovative combination of wood and aluminum in INNOVIEW products is the engineering of tomorrow, which you can enjoy today


Convenience and functionality

Innoview wood-aluminum facade windows are tailor-made windows. You can compose everything individually in these windows. We can choose from three variants of aluminum profiles, which can be ordered in any color. In addition, we can choose a frame made of oak, pine or exotic meranti wood - all in two shapes of wood profiles. On top of that, the full RAL palette in two types: matte and satin, combined with specially designed opaque structures allows full freedom in window design. The aesthetics are complemented by a perfectly smooth wood surface with no visible micro-bevels. You can also choose glazing packages. When it comes to sizes, we take an individual approach to each order in this regard. The technology of combining wood and aluminum makes the construction of such windows provides unique durability and rigidity, which allows to make them in even very large sizes. We offer HST terrace doors, which can reach 12 m in width and 2.8 m in height. These are large-format doors with a lift-and-slide design, which, despite their dimensions, are extremely comfortable to use, and thanks to their large glazing, allow plenty of sunlight into the interior. Even more natural light will be provided by HST Sky patio doors, in which the glazing package of the non-open part is embedded directly in the threshold and frame. Such a solution significantly increases the area of glazing and the amount of light entering the room. In addition, it provides unparalleled aesthetics and makes the boundary between the interior and exterior completely disappear.

Individual and personalized products can be selected for each building,
Which give the interior a unique character


The large-size patio doors use unique solutions that enhance the comfort of their operation and use. The soft close system used is a mechanical solution that allows the movement of the sash to be braked at the final stage of operation, and then presses it against the sliding door frame. Also noteworthy is the low threshold (it is only 5 mm high) eco pass, which facilitates movement between the interior of the room and the terrace.

For smart homes, we recommend HS electric sliding doors controlled via an app from a smartphone from anywhere on earth within reach of the internet.

Energy efficiency

Innoview windows use energy-efficient glazing packages that give us an amazing view of the outside while effectively saving on heating. The glazing packages have warm TGI spacers. In addition, the glazing has low-emission coatings that retain heat inside the house. The space between the panes is filled with a noble gas - argon, which has lower thermal conductivity than air, so we get the effect of significantly improving the heat transfer coefficient. Windows are available with two- and even three-chamber packages. As the number of chambers in the glazing package increases, the thickness of the wooden frame also increases. This improves the thermal insulation performance of the windows. It should also be remembered that large-size vertical windows are part of the passive heating of interiors on sunny winter days. Rooms located on south or southwest sides have very good exposure to the sun. So they are naturally heated by warm rays. This reduces the need to heat the building during winter days.

In rooms located on the south side, it is worth using external awnings,
, which effectively protect against excessive heat


It should be noted that large glazing in the house means a lot of interior heating. When building a house, it is worth thinking about external covers that can effectively reduce this adverse phenomenon. FAKRO's offer includes external awnings, which mounted on façade windows, significantly increase the comfort of staying in the building during hot days. Awnings absorb the sun's rays already in front of the glass and emit heat to the outside, thus protecting against excessive heating of the rooms, while providing a view to the outside. The awning reduces energy consumption, as it replaces air-conditioning units. Moreover, unrolled during cold nights, it protects the interior from heat loss, improving the heat transfer coefficient of the window by up to 16%. This reduces heating bills.

Architectural minimalism

The philosophy behind the creation of Innoview's woodwork was to create individual, personalized solutions that would give the interiors uniqueness and fit perfectly into the body of the building. Our homes should not only be functional, but also durable and aesthetically pleasing. To effectively realize this premise, we need reliable products that harmonize with each other both in terms of use and visual appearance. Therefore, FAKRO offers a wide range of garage doors and entrance doors that comprehensively "close" the house. The advantage of products from one manufacturer is that they are maintained in the same style and colors. Such a composed offer allows them to be perfectly matched, which guarantees an unusual minimalist aesthetic of the building.

FAKRO INNOVIEW products are personalized solutions that we can easily fit into the body of our house


More information: on the FAKRO website

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