Choose EKO-logically, Aluminum-plastic windows

02 of March '22

Produce, consume and... reuse! According to the principle of a closed loop economy (GOZ), recyclable raw materials should be used in production. Recycling is one of the most important aspects on the road to sustainability. At the same time, despite appearances, recycling is not just about collecting waste paper and plastic bottles. Nowadays and at the current level of technology development, even PVC windows are an environmentally friendly product, easily recycled. This is an opportunity for a better life for future generations.

Okna Fakro wykonane z PCV

Fakro windows made of PVC

© Fakro

FAKRO roof windows made of PVC are widely used in the attic. What's more, they are an eco-friendly product, as the frame profiles are made from up to 63% recycled material. In the production of aluminum-plastic windows, the use of recycled components has a huge impact on environmental protection. Thanks to such measures, manufacturers significantly reduce the amount of waste and contribute to reducing the construction industry's need for fossil fuels such as oil. Moreover, in PVC windows, apart from the profiles themselves, other materials such as glass, aluminum and steel components can also be 100% reused.

For more than 30 years,FAKRO has been creating windows that guarantee security and peace of mind for years to come. They give plenty of natural light in rooms throughout the house, which affects the comfort and health of the occupants, and prevent heat loss, contributing to significant savings in heating. They are equipped with triple-glazed packages that increase their energy efficiency, and when installed with Thermo flashing they gain up to 15% better heat transfer coefficient. With the current construction requirements, they are windows that find recognition in the eyes of architects and investors, as well as customers who value savings in the wallet.

It should be noted that PVC windows can be perfectly matched to any home interior. They will blend in well in the bedroom, children's room, as well as in rooms with higher humidity - kitchens or bathrooms.

Kolor: sosna Kolor: antracyt

Color: pine, anthracite

© Fakro

Kolor: Biel Kolor: złoty dąb

Color: white, golden oak

© Fakro

FAKRO offers windows in the classic white color and in attractive veneers: pine and golden oak, which look like natural wood and give rooms a unique character. We also offer PVC windows with anthracite-colored profiles preferred for modern interior styling. However, what is important and insanely convenient, all these windows are resistant to weather conditions, do not absorb moisture and do not require painting and frequent maintenance. In addition, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee of tempered glass against hailstorms.

One should not fail to mention another important asset of aluminum-plastic windows from FAKRO. These are windows that are perfectly adapted to the market of thermal modernization of buildings. Nowadays, millions of renovations need to be carried out all over the world to meet climate requirements. PVC windows will work well not only for new developments, but also as replacement windows. Thanks to them, the replacement of windows can be done without disturbing the stiles, is fast and without unnecessary mess. It is very important nowadays to choose consciously, saving not only time and money, but also and above all the environment.

For more information, visit the company's FAKRO Sp. z o.o page on the PdD portal.

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