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Renovation and adaptation of a warehouse into a facility of the Upper Silesian Educational Centre in Gliwice

27 of March '20
Technical data
Name: GCE building in Gliwice.
Location: Poland, Gliwice, 20 Okrzei St.
Project: Brus, Lachowicz Architekci
General contractor: PHU MATEO
FAKRO products used: Windows with large glazing area:

- 50× FTP-V U5 roof window, 94×140
- 18× FSP smoke ventilation window, 94×140

The dilapidated and dirty facade of this former warehouse at 20 Okrzei Street in Gliwice did not encourage people to go inside. The building, once fulfilling a practical function, had been neglected for years and was haunted by dark damp patches on the walls and areas of exposed bare brick. However, the simple mass and interesting shape of the facade provided the potential to transform it into a work of art. The large interior space, meanwhile, offered the possibility of using the building for a very practical purpose.

Adapted to the needs

The building is one of the facilities of the Upper Silesian Education Center in Gliwice. As part of the renovation, it was planned to create specialized laboratories: automation, 3D modeling, electrical measurement, metal heat treatment and others. The interiors are well lit with natural light, so that students preparing for a profession have a comfortable learning environment. The rooms are effectively illuminated by FTP-V U5 rotary roof windows, while providing very good thermal insulation. Daylight has a positive effect on efficiency at work and the well-being of building occupants. In addition to the 50 roof-mounted pivot windows, the project includes 18 smoke ventilation windows. The FAKRO FSP smoke ventilation window, in addition to the obvious function of smoke extraction, also serves to illuminate and ventilate the building's rooms.

Budynek GCE
w Gliwicach Budynek GCE w Gliwicach

GCE building in Gliwice


New face

The renovated GCE building looks fresh and stylish from the outside. Looking at it, we see subdued colors, cleanliness and elegance. The roof windows set at the right depth do not interfere with the aesthetics of the roof and spectacularly enrich the whole visual effect.

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