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FAKRO INNOVIEW - an exclusive line of facade wood and aluminium joinery

01 of May '21

Exclusive FAKRO INNOVIEW facade woodwork
From the series "Window and door trends 2021"

Apartment, house, office - the buildings housing them should not only be functional, but equally important is their aesthetic form and the durability of the products and materials used. Therefore, already at the design stage, it is worth focusing on finishing elements that will allow us to achieve the expected effect both in terms of use and visual appearance.

This can be helped by system solutions that allow us to bring the building to a closed state using the products of a single manufacturer while maintaining a single, consistent compositional line. Guided by such assumptions, it is worth paying attention to the FAKRO INNOVIEW solution - an exclusive from the point of view of quality, aesthetics and durability line of wood and aluminum facade joinery. The combination of noble wood and aesthetically pleasing, lightweight but durable aluminum results in joinery of the highest order.

FAKRO INNOVIEW windows - a marriage of nature and technology

Without a doubt, wood is a timeless material, and products made of it, properly protected, will serve without losing their original quality for decades. Window profiles, made of wood, create a classic, natural and warm interior atmosphere. FAKRO INNOVIEW windows are effectively protected from the outside by aluminum cladding, which provides a solid and stylish finish to the product. Wood and aluminum profiles are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to give each vertical glazing an individual character.

VMZ INNOVIEW - awnings for façade windows

Complementing the window system of the INNOVIEW line are VMZ awnings. This is a very practical solution, providing users with protection against excessive heat in the interiors during hot weather. Importantly, at the same time they guarantee the flow of natural light into the room. In addition, in Z-Wave and Solar versions, fully lowered awnings function as a mosquito net thanks to side guides.

Drzwi wejściowe INNOVIEW © FAKRO

INNOVIEW entry doors


INNOVIEW entry doors

One of the sales pillars of the INNOVIEW LINE range are high-end entrance doors. Their solid wood-aluminum construction ensures high thermal insulation and durability for many years. Anti-burglary solutions provide a sense of security, and the possibility to equip the door with a fingerprint reader and a special lock for Z-Wave remote control increases the practicality of the product, and convenience of use.

Drzwi tarasowe HST Sky © FAKRO Drzwi tarasowe HST Sky © FAKRO

HST Sky patio doors


INNOVIEW HST Sky terrace doors

Enjoying great popularity, the HST Sky terrace door is, one might say, the flagship product of the FAKRO brand. In this solution, the glazing package of the terrace door in the unopened part is embedded directly in the threshold and frame, significantly increasing the area of glazing and the amount of light entering the room. With this solution, we achieve the effect of interpenetration of the interior with the space of the terrace/garden, which in a characteristic way opens up the living volume on the one hand, but with a sense of retaining control over the safe zone of the interior.

Brama garażowa INNOVIEW © FAKRO

INNOVIEW garage door


INNOVIEW LINE garage doors

FAKRO INNOVIEW LINE garage doors, like the entire series of the company's products, can boast of being made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees the durability of the product for years and safety, both in use and anti-burglary. The aesthetics of their workmanship, a wide range of models, from classic to modern, as well as the colors of accessories and automation, make it possible to match the gate to individual customer preferences. Security and anti-burglary systems provide peace of mind about property and protection of household members.



FAKRO INNOVIEW and FAKRO INNOVIEW LINE products are the perfect finishing touch to your home. Their unique aesthetics will make the building look very attractive. While the functionality, safety and durability of the products will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

It is worth noting that INNOVIEW solutions, while maintaining excellent technical parameters, are fully compatible with the FAKRO smartHome home management system, which further increases their functionality and competitiveness in the smart home systems market.

For more information, visit the company's FAKRO Sp. z o.o page on the A&B portal.

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