WINDOW MARKS - a modern way to protect rooms from heat.

19 of July '22

External awnings for facade windows (VMZ) and roof windows (AMZ) have been in FAKRO's permanent offer for many years. These shades will effectively keep the heat out of the window, while providing an inflow of natural light into the interior.

FAKRO's research shows that awnings protect a room from overheating up to 8 times more effectively than commonly used interior blinds.

In practice, this gives a decrease in internal temperature by up to 10°C. This is because awnings absorb the sun's rays already in front of the glass and return the heat to the outside, thus protecting the interior from overheating. This allows us to reduce or completely abandon expensive and energy-intensive air conditioning, and what's more, we protect our environment and the Earth's non-renewable resources.

Markiza VMZ

VMZ awning


The awning, thanks to its design, disperses the light coming inside - it is evenly distributed, without eye-straining reflections that interfere when watching TV or working on the computer. It also protects against the prying eyes of neighbors during the day, while providing a clear view of the environment around the house.

These shades, are also an effective protection against harmful UV radiation, which causes fading of furniture or floors.

All vertical awnings in the electric and VMZ ZIP versions (those in which the net moves on the profiles), in addition to heat protection, act as a mosquito net, protecting against nuisance insects.

Markiza AMZ

AMZ awning blind


The range includes manually operated awnings (VMZ, AMZ) and in three control versions: powered and controlled with a remote control in the Z-Wave wireless system, powered and controlled with a smartphone in the WiFi wireless network, and solar powered and controlled automatically or with a remote control.

The latter can be successfully installed at any time when the house is in use. Thanks to the use of the sun's rays for the operation of the awning, there is no need for mains power and wiring.

Markiza podtynkowa

Concealed awning


The electric versions can be integrated into the smartHome smart home system and can be managed from anywhere in the world within reach of the internet. The awning is a year-round product - in summer it protects our interiors from excessive heat, and during cold days it prevents heat loss, improving the heat transfer coefficient of the window by up to 16% (results obtained for tests of the VMZ Solar awning installed on a vertical window).

New concealed awning

In addition to the standard versions for vertical windows, we are introducing a flush-mounted awning dedicated to new construction, which will be installed in the insulation layer of the building's walls. The decision to choose this solution should be taken into account at the stage of the house project.

Markiza AMZ

AMZ awning


Roof windows with protection

The awnings for roof windows offered by FAKRO are also the optimal solution for combating excess heat in the attic. These shades have a similar structure and the same properties as vertical awnings, except for the mosquito net function. In addition, when pulled over a roof window, they reduce the sound of falling drops when it rains. Window awnings mean the right temperature in the room and the comfort of living and living at home even during hot summer days.

For more information, visit the company's FAKRO Sp. z o.o page on the A&B portal.

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