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Solutions and design trends for outdoor spaces

09 of July '20

Outdoor spaces - solutions, design trends 2020

What a public space looks like is influenced by many factors and decisions. The amount of greenery in a city, the appearance and condition of roads, streets or squares, the chosen pavement, coherent and functional urban furniture and the surrounding architecture, both public and private, create the image of a city. It is worth bearing this in mind when choosing, for example, a fence around the property or deciding on elements of small architecture. If you are looking for interesting solutions and examples of arrangements, we invite you to review interesting proposals for outdoor spaces.

security and design

Wanting to secure the property, we usually decide to put a gate and fence around the plot. In such a situation, it is worth taking care of an aesthetic solution that not only gives us a sense of security and privacy, but also does not disturb the appearance of the street. The offer of Balu Design includes, among others, gates made of smooth sheet metal, reminiscent of wicker weave, perforated, with glass filling and made of weathering steel.

Architektura PERFORA


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tradition and modernity

When deciding on a fence, we should pay attention to its durability, appearance and resistance to weather conditions. A noteworthy solution is a palisade fence, which separates the property from the street, but does not obscure views. KONSPORT offers a model of palisade fencing Verticale, which is designed for both plots with modern blocks and those with traditional single-family buildings.

VERTICALE – nowość wśród ogrodzeń palisadowych


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Classic, simple and durable fences and breakaway gates for demanding customers

appears and disappears

What if a fence appeared when we needed it and disappeared when we wanted to open up the space of our property? The solution is the fences of the company FANCY FENCE, which, when lowered, are invisible. The idea of the company is based on the system known from the construction of the elevator, that is, on the system of counterweights, whose weight is equal to the weight of the span, and which are connected to it by a system of cables and bearing wheels. The entire mechanism is hidden in a special sealed concrete pocket dug into the ground, so it remains invisible.

Brama FANCY FENCE dla domu i przestrzeni publicznej


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A pavement that lets water through

During heavy rainfall, streets turn into rushing streams. Sewage manholes are not able to take in such a large amount of water, and drainage pipes carry it away to retention reservoirs, rivers, outside agglomerations contributing to the formation of urban heat islands. GalaProdukt offers solutions that can help deal with this problem. The pavement strengthened with the ECORASTERBloxx system is one hundred percent permeable to water, requiring no additional drainage or connection to a sewer system.


© GalaProdukt

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openwork substrate

Concrete paving slabs and pavers are used in many places, but regardless of their function or location, they should be designed to contribute to adequate drainage of the nearby area. BETARD offers, among other things, openwork base elements that allow free spaces to be landscaped with aggregate, small pebbles or grass, allowing the pavement to drain rainwater into the ground even faster, relieving pressure on storm drains and preventing puddles.

Płytka ECO GRATTA – realizacja


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full-scale flexibility

When looking for striking, modern and elegant solutions for the surface of representative city zones and squares, it is worth paying attention to large-format paving slabs. Bruk-Bet offers the Novator® City system of paving blocks and slabs in forty-four formats, three thicknesses and various colors. To achieve the desired effect, it is possible to combine several formats in a single development in row, strip, zone and modular or random arrangements.

Novator® City — system kostek i płyt brukowych

© Bruk-Bet

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small architecture

Urban furniture, which we use when spending time in public space, increasingly has more functions than just leisure. The solutions available from Komserwis make it possible, among other things, to charge electronic devices, illuminate a piece of city furniture or use the Internet thanks to photovoltaic panels in seats from the Fin collection, relax in a reclining or semi-reclining position on the Millo recliner, or rest with squats that allow for comfortable support when a momentary stop is needed.

Leżak Millo

© Komserwis

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flexible solutions

In the summer, we increasingly want to spend time outdoors, and at the same time, caring for our privacy and comfort, we like to be hidden. To meet the needs of users, Egoé life has introduced the functional Leva modular system, which allows us to create what we need at any given moment - a children's playroom, a garden sofa, a pergola, or even our own outdoor office! Structures from the Leva system are light, airy and functional, yet stable and sturdy.

System modularny Leva

© Egoé life

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