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Ceilings and Wall Coverings - Trends 2022

29 of March '22

Ceilings and Wall Coverings - Trends 2022

Properly finished ceilings and walls are a very important element crowning the design of any interior. Well-chosen solutions, in addition to practical aspects such as the required acoustics or lighting, can create unique decorations that affect the perception and atmosphere of the room. Looking for innovative finishing solutions for both private and public interiors, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the novelties offered in 2022.

Durability and precision in many applications

Metal suspended ceilings are an ideal solution in many facilities. Punto Pruszyński' s offer includes a wide range of products diversified in terms of aesthetic and functional qualities, you will find strip ceilings, louvered ceilings, coffered ceilings, baffle ce ilings and solutions created specifically for the implementation of individual projects. The ceilings are designed for interior design as well as for external applications in facilities such as tunnels, sheds, parking lots, open arcades and sports facilities.

Sufity metalowe Punto Pruszyński - trwałość, precyzja i estetyka metalu

© Punto Pruszyński

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interiors that encourage return visits

In offices, public spaces, but also in private spaces, it is worth taking care of the right atmosphere, both visually and acoustically. This will be helped by products from Hunter Douglas, in particular the new visually warming interior wall cladding collection Solid Wood Grid, made entirely of solid wood. The versatility of this system allows it to be used both as a wall cladding to improve room acoustics, and as openwork partitions to separate individual zones in common spaces.

Heartfelt Linear (zdjęcie poglądowe)

© Hunter Douglas

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Interiors that encourage return visits

acoustic comfort

When designing an interior, whether private or public, in addition to the visual aspects, it is worth taking care of adequate soundproofing, reverberation reduction and acoustic comfort. With comprehensive solutions comes Knauf enabling the design of acoustic comfort in any type of building. Supplemented with two models of acoustic gypsum boards Knauf Akustik and Knauf Akustik Plus, the offer allows you to create solutions that are able to meet even the most demanding design expectations.

Sufit podwieszany z płyty Knauf Cleaneo Akustik

© Knauf

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Knauf Cleaneo Akustik board suspended ceiling

metal decors

Barwa System is a company with thirty years of experience specializing in metalworking. This year, its product range has expanded to include ceiling and wall solutions. These enclosures are designed as acoustic or decorative, highlighting the unique character of a particular place. It is worth noting the PPU-VARIO decor - a modular spatial wall cladding made entirely of aluminum sheet, or the striking line of PREMIUM Dekor TR, HEX, VARIO decors for self-assembly on the wall.

Premium Dekor TR


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safe interiors

If you are looking for complete systems and solutions for building comfortable, friendly and, above all, safe interiors, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of RIGIPS suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are the optimal solution in terms of fire protection, acoustics, hygiene and aesthetics. Selected products have the Activ "Air® function, which reduces the level of harmful volatile substances in the room. RIGIPS offers, among others, the following ceilings: monolithic solid, monolithic perforated, arched and gypsum boards.

Wyspy sufitowe Insula z wypełnieniem płytami Gyptone BIG


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bet on vinyl

Vinyl on the walls? Why not! Vinyl wallcovering from Vinylplex is a proposal that expands the possibilities of space arrangement. Thanks to technical parameters - scratch resistance, water resistance and a high index of resistance to solar staining, the veneers can be used not only in apartments, but also in hotels, restaurants and other public places. Thanks to the combination of interesting design and rich colors, they successfully replace traditional solutions and add character to the space.

Winylowa okleina ścienna Harry

© Vinylpex

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trendy interiors

How about moving to distant corners of the world without leaving home? Now it's possible thanks to the new CERRAD stoneware tiles designed in cooperation with La Mania Home brand and the ambassador of the project - Joanna Przetakiewicz, creative director and founder of La Mania fashion house. Cerrad x LaMania features 4 collections of porcelain stoneware tiles inspired by the beauty of the surrounding world, in several formats, color variations and surfaces: Brazilian Quartzite, Modern Concrete, Ceppo Nuovo, Marmo.

Brazilian Quartzite Blue, Modern Concrete Silver


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