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Punto Pruszyński metal ceilings - durability, precision and aesthetics of metal

18 of March '22

Slat panels, louvered panels, coffered panels and Punto baffles.
From the series "Ceilings and Wall Coverings - Trends 2022"

SUSPENDED SUFFITS Punto is a wide range of products diversified in terms of aesthetic and functional qualities. They include solutions designed for the arrangement of INTERIOR and EXTERIOR applications in facilities such as tunnels, sheds, parking lots, open arcades and sports facilities.

C/65 panels

photo: © Punto Pruszy雟ki

Depending on the technical and functional requirements we place on suspended ceilings, it is necessary to select appropriate solutions that absolutely meet both legal regulations and design assumptions. Regardless of this, expectations always remain as to the aesthetics and durability of the solutions used. PUNTO metal ceilings offer includes all types of ceilings that are included in the PN-EN 13964 standard, which will allow for the implementation of projects for the most demanding customers. The offer includes strip ceilings, louvered ceilings, coffered ceilings, baffle ceilings and, thanks to extensive experience and developed production facilities, solutions created specifically for the implementation of individual projects.

We present one of the realizations of finishing a 300 m² office building.

C/65 panels in vertical arrangement

Photo: © Punto Pruszyński

C/65 panels

PUNTO ceilings are manufactured from aluminum and steel sheets in a wide range of colors with varying degrees of gloss and interesting textures. Thanks to cooperation with the world's largest manufacturers of coated sheets, we use the latest material solutions such as coatings imitating wood or various metals. The main solution used in the open-plan office area and conference room are C/65 panels installed with 80 mm axial spacing. The color scheme of the ceiling in this part was based on a combination of white with panels in the shade of oak. The same profile was used for openwork partitions separating zones in the open office space (reception area, circulation path, office workstations). At one end of the circulation path, an island of "S" panels of different widths (S/184 + S/84) arranged randomly was installed. C/65 panels in a vertical arrangement were installed on the walls of the inter-floor staircase spoilers.

For more information, visit the company's PUNTO PRUSZYŃSKI Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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