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Fashionable bathroom - trends 2020

09 of November '20

Fashionable bathroom - trends 2020

A fashionable
bathroom, that is, what kind of bathroom? Spacious, full of color, interesting patterns and accessories, and above all, modern technical solutions for easy use. If you are looking for interesting design tips, we invite you to review this season's latest bathroom trends.

design your dream bathroom

Are you thinking about a small metamorphosis of your bathroom, or maybe you dream of a total overhaul? Whatever your requirements, Maxfliz will help you find the right interior design inspiration. If you need help with a comprehensive selection of furnishings in accordance with current trends for 2021, Maxfliz visualization specialists will help you choose the right tiles, ceramics and bathroom fixtures.

Zainspiruj się
Zaprojektuj swoją łazienkę z MAXFLIZ © MAXFLIZ


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Modernity in the smallest detail

Bathrooms that are fashionable now are open, designer and modern in every detail, even the smallest. Also in the design of shower drainage without a shower tray, solutions that meet these requirements are sought. An elegant and modern proposal is provided by Dallmer 's extensive range . Models from the CeraFloor series are linear drains with a minimalist design, made of high-quality stainless steel, which will beautify any bathroom.

liniowy CeraFloor Select © Dallmer


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CeraFloor linear drains, or a minimalist bathroom without a shower tray

bathroom without barriers

Modernity in design also manifests itself in taking into account the needs of all users. Such requirements are met by Wiper, whose shower drains allow you to freely choose the shape of the cabin and the finish of its floor. The use of such drains, for example, from the NEW ELITE series, makes it possible to dispense with thresholds, creating a bathroom without barriers. All drain components are made of high-quality certified stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and strength.

Odpływy prysznicowe firmy
Wiper © Wiper


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gold rush

When designing a bathroom, it is worth paying attention to details, such as fixtures, which are increasingly appearing in unusual colors. The series of gold faucets LOFT GOLD, from the Polish manufacturer VALVEX, is economical in form, but attracts attention. The faucets perfectly complement modern, demanding interiors, matching both light and dark arrangements. The series is distinguished by its durable gold coating, created using PVD technology, as well as an aerator with the LOW FLOW system .

Go for GOLD! Gorączka
złota w Twoim domu


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colors and decors top!

Although the universal whiteness of the bathroom will never go out of fashion, arrangements are increasingly featuring expressive, bold colors, among which there is no shortage of black, as well as numerous decors. An interesting idea is to use the washbasin as a color and material accent. Such a design is good to juxtapose with elegant, slender countertop faucets from the Espacio series proposed by Ferro, which, with their classic shapes and contoured handles, harmonize with the interior.

Jak modnie
i komfortowo urządzić strefę umywalki? Inspirujące propozycje od FERRO


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a perfectly tailored bathroom

Thanks to modern design programs, nothing now stands in the way of creating a unique and customized shower tray. The Polish brand Schedpol creates customized shower tra ys in various shapes and colors made with patented Stabilsound® and Stabilsound Plus® technologies, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety. The products are equipped with special Antibac® and Easy to Clean® coatings.

Shower trays and bathtubs by Schedpol


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