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They are building another water playground in Tychy. It will have two zones and a bridge for caregivers

Katarzyna Domagała
13 of August '21
Technical data
Name: Water playground in Jaworek Park in Tychy.
Investor: UM Tychy
Location: Warsaw
Principal architects:
Tomasz Kurtek landscape design studio
Building area:

Another modern playground will be built in Tychy, and once again based on a design by RS + Robert Skitek studio. This time in Jaworek Park, which is currently undergoing revitalization. It will be a recreational space for children divided into two main zones: water and natural. In each of them, the architects have planned to use progressive solutions, such as play equipment made of natural materials or the design of a bridge for the children's guardians.

Tychy City Hall has announced that construction of a new water playground may soon begin. There is an official permit. This is the second playground in the city to feature a water play area. The first was built a few years ago, along with a promenade, on Lake Paprocany, which you can read more about here. Now it's time for Jaworek Park, which is currently undergoing a revitalization process.

The same studio, RS + Robert Skitek, is responsible for both projects. The latest project was co-created with Tomasz Kurtek landscape design studio.

water and natural zone

The design of the playground in Park Jaworek, like the one in Paprocany, involves quite a few progressive solutions. First, the very idea of creating a water zone is original and still rare in Polish cities. It will consist of a waterfall, fountains and showers. However, the water basin of the playground in Jaworki Park is to be much larger than the one in Paprocany, by 100 square meters. Benches and a wooden terrace will stand near it.

The basin will be fenced with a wooden balustrade

vision: RS + Robert Skitek

The space for fun and recreation is created not only by the water part, but also by the natural zone, where elements made of wood, wicker, pebbles, gravel, sand, wood chips and jute ropes, among others, will appear. There will also be educational elements: a magnifying glass and recreational elements including a house, domes, a maze and a hut. The two parts will be connected by alleys. Tomasz Kurtek landscape design studio is responsible for the design of the natural zone.

The natural zone will feature elements made of wood and wicker, among others

vision: RS + Robert Skitek

In total, about 20 multicolored play and recreation devices are to appear on 400 square meters of playground area. With their different forms, they will make the square more interesting!

Design of the basin

vision: RS + Robert Skitek

bridge for caregivers

An intriguing premise of the project is the construction of a bridge that will be built over the basin. The architects argue that it will be an ideal space for the children's caregivers, from which they will be able to observe them at play. The bridge has been designed with a reinforced concrete structure. It will be connected to the park alleys.

The area of the water playground basin in Jaworek Park will be 100 square meters larger than the water playground in Paprocany. The biggest difference between the spaces, however, will be that parents or grandparents will be able to watch their children from above. In Jaworek, the recreational zone has been expanded to include a natural playground - this will certainly be an additional attraction for the youngest , explains Robert Skitek.

An intriguing premise of the project is the construction of a bridge, which will become a space for the children's caretakers

vision: RS + Robert Skitek

greenery and development

The playground space will be landscaped not only with recreational elements. Small architecture will also appear in the area: benches, bicycle racks, etc. As for greenery, the architects have proposed replanting existing trees and new plantings: among others, trees in trunk and multi-stem form, shrubs, perennials and climbers. Tomasz Kurtek landscape design studio is also responsible for the greenery project.

The water playground in Jaworek Park will be the second such facility in our city. Residents have been waiting for it for a long time. I hope that the adopted interesting solutions and a multitude of attractions will attract them to the park, and children will actively spend time there. Once work on the construction of the water playground is completed, we will proceed with the next stages of the revitalization of Jaworek Park, " says Hanna Skoczylas, deputy mayor of Tychy for sustainable development.

Construction of the playground is expected to cost about PLN 7 million. The Tychy Municipality has announced that it has already applied for funding for this task under the program: "Polish Order".

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