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Modern lighting - 2020 trends

04 of September '20

Modern lighting - 2020 trends

Autumn is coming, and with it longer and longer evenings and less and less natural light. At this time, it is worth taking care of well-chosen lighting, which will not only brighten up the interiors of our homes, give them the right atmosphere, but also highlight outdoor spaces! If you are looking for interesting proposals, we invite you to review the latest lighting solutions.

stylish space

An important element of interior design is light. It is it that has the power to shape the space, model the room and highlight what is worth noticing. In the offer of Altavola Design there is a choice of uncommon lamps that create an atmosphere in exclusive homes, cozy apartments, hotels, cafes and office spaces. Among the wide range, led lamps from the Billions series with simple forms of geometric lampshades and modern technology catch the eye.



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illumination with an idea

What else can be highlighted with light? Outdoor spaces, parts of buildings, facades of houses, historic buildings, decorative ceilings. The list is long, but how to stand out from other illuminations? With the answer comes Bergmen, which proposes Neon Flex - a solution reminiscent of classic neon tubes,allowing free bending and almost unlimited cutting. An additional advantage is a wide range of colors and resistance.

Podświetlenie z pomysłem — BERGMEN


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Illumination with an idea

innovative solutions and economy

Did you know that when designing lighting, using standard LED luminaires, an excess power is assumed for them? It is intended to compensate for the natural loss of luminous flux that progresses with use. A cost-saving innovation is introduced by SmartCLO from MILOO LIGHTING eliminating the need to assume such an excess, as a result, we gain a return on investment in the lighting system!

Oświetlenie LED w technologii SmartCLO Galeria Bocheńska © MILOO LIGHTING


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fitting to the architecture

Innovative and interesting lighting can be used not only in interiors. A good example of a combination of design and also modern technology can be Steinel lamps equipped with precise motion and dusk sensors, which can be quickly and easily adjusted using an application on your phone. Using Bluetooth technology, they can be connected in rows to create lighting scenarios tailored to the architecture.

lampy solarne Steinel


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not only light

Some lighting companies, following new trends and customer demands, are expanding their product line. ROSA is taking its first steps in SMART technology, supplementing its products with equipment related to electric vehicle charging stations. This combination resulted in the Karin LED EV, a modern, eco-friendly and weatherproof station with high aesthetic qualities, available in several colors.

Karin LED EV fot.: © ROSA


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scandinavian minimalism

If you are looking for durability of workmanship and minimalist and economical design, products from Norlys, a company specializing in outdoor lighting, may be the answer. In the offer you can findaluminum, anti-corrosive luminaires, whose design combines Scandinavian simplicity with modernity, which will perfectly fit into the leading trends of landscape architecture.

art. Asker 1311 ©Thor Raymond S Billbo © NORLYS


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