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Results of the 40th edition of the competition named after Prof. Wladyslaw Czarnecki

Ola Kloc
07 of December '20

On December 1, the results of the 40th edition of the competition named after Professor Władysław Czarnecki - a student competition for the best semester projects organized by the Poznań branch of SARP - were announced. The jury awarded prizes in three categories: Architecture, Urban Planning and Interiors.

The jury composed of: Katarzyna Weiss, Michal Bekas, Piotr Grabowski, Piotr Kluj and Borys Wrzeszcz (Referee), awarded a total of nine prizes in three categories and the Grand Prix of the competition.


In the Architecture category, the jury awarded two equal first prizes and three second prizes:

1st prize (ex aequo) went to Marcin Stępień from the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznan University of Technology for his work entitled "Residential complex in the eastern market"; moderated by Dr. Mieczyslaw Kozaczko.


© Marcin Stępień

In the opinion of the jury, the project is distinguished by exceptional urban, formal and aesthetic sensitivity. As emphasized by the competition judges evaluating the work, noteworthy is also the designer's mature and conscious approach to the environment, noticing its problems and attempting to solve them, and the unorthodox approach to the proposed housing solutions gives the form-saving and modest buildings an individual expression.

Equal 1st place was awarded to Michał Orlikowski from the University of Arts in Poznań for his work titled "Inter-school Water Sports Center in Choszczno"; supervisors: Andrzej Kurzawski, Hugon Kowalski.


© Michal Orlikowski

The jury appreciated the expressive gesture in a restrained form. The consistent and logical solution of the structural layout and the conscious use of materials is a strong point of the project. The above solutions result in a skillful response to the context and add new value to the surroundings. The conscious maintenance of the building in a simple and modest form testifies to the author's great sensitivity and his attention to preserving the natural form of the lakefront. Noteworthy is the meticulous refinement and high aesthetics of the project.

Second places were awarded to the projects of three teams composed of: Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dzięgelewska, Hanna Żylińska and Maciej Wiśniewski, and Agnieszka Baszak, Bartłomiej Bruzda and Paweł Danielak.

Alicja Maculewicz and Emilia Dzięgelewska from the Poznan University of Arts were awarded for their work entitled "Design of a student house in the historic center of Genoa"; moderated by Eugeniusz Skrzypczak, Ph.D., Piotr Kaminski.

Projekt domu
studenckiego w historycznym centrum Genui proj.: Alicja Maculewicz,
Emilia Dzięgelewska (UAP)

© Alicja Maculewicz, Emilia Dzięgelewska

In the jury's opinion, the project makes expressive urban design theses, such as the height dominant and the sunken plaza, with great sensitivity and respect for the surroundings, while at the same time fitting well into the historical urban fabric of Genoa. The sensitivity of the designers to existing buildings, visible in contemporary architectural solutions and detailing solutions, also deserves recognition from the Competition Jury.

The work titled "Coppers" by Hanna Żylińska and Maciej Wiśniewski from the Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology; supervisor: Radosław Barek, Ph.D., was awarded for the unconventional approach to the proposed architectural expression of the buildings, modern reference to historical forms and sensitivity of the selected solutions.

Architektura, 2.
nagroda, Miedziaki proj.: Hanna Żylińska,
Maciej Wiśniewski (WAPP)

© Hanna Żylińska, Maciej Wiśniewski

Representing Poznan University of Technology, the team consisting of Agnieszka Baszak, Bartlomiej Bruzda and Pawel Danielak received the second prize for their work entitled "Tektonik Island Vulcano Museum"; led by Agnieszka Kasinska-Andruszkiewicz.

The jury particularly appreciated the high quality of the way the project was presented, as well as the interesting form of the building referring to its theme in a unique context.

{Image@url=https://cdn.architekturaibiznes.pl/upload/galerie/38152/images/original/3d4035efe7704f86e40134845ce571ae.jpg,alt=Architektura, 2nd prize, Tektonik Island Vulcano Museum,title=Architecture, 2nd prize, Tektonik Island Vulcano Museum}

© Agnieszka Baszak, Bartłomiej Bruzda, Paweł Danielak


In the Urbanism category, the jury awarded the main prize and two, equal second places:

1st prize and the Grand Prix of the competition was won by Katarzyna Krawczyk from UAP for her work entitled "Maltese Estate"; moderated by Eugeniusz Skrzypczak, Ph.D., Piotr Kamiński.


© Katarzyna Krawczyk

The jury appreciated the undertaking of a difficult social topic in the current reality of Poznan. Particularly noteworthy is the proposed gradual transformation of chaotic allotment gardens into a high-quality social estate with an interesting urban structure. Based on a meticulous analysis of the existing layout, the creation of a systematic and modular plan for the urban and formal revitalization of the estate. The proposed activities allow us to hope for the revitalization not only of urbanism and construction, but also of the social character of this space. The project is distinguished by its complexity, the maturity of the applied measures and a responsible approach to design.

2nd place
(ex aequo) was awarded to Iga Stanislawska of UAP for "Project for the development of the area on Północna Street"; supervisors: Eugeniusz Skrzypczak, PhD, Piotr Kamiński.

Urbanistyka, 2.
nagroda, Projekt zagospodarowania terenu przy ul. Północnej proj.: Iga Stanisławska

© Iga Stanislawska

As we read in the justification of the jury, the work was appreciated for its in-depth urban planning analysis culminating in a complex architectural design with an elegant form, as well as an attempt to create diverse spaces between buildings, and a desire to organize the bland space of the city today.

Equal second prize was awarded to Michał Orlikowski (UAP) for his work entitled "Development of the Starołęka area on the Warta River"; moderated by Eugeniusz Skrzypczak, Ph.D., Piotr Kamiński.


© Michal Orlikowski

The jury appreciated the mature approach to the design process and the attempt to create a new urban space of varied scale, function and intensity of development in this part of Poznań. The project was preceded by a good urban planning analysis. Noteworthy is the skillful creation of high-quality riverside spaces and the integration into them of a complex urban-architectural project with an elegant form.


In the Interior category, the jury awarded the first prize to Dorota Szafranska of UAP for her work titled "North-South"; supervisor: Dr. Piotr Machowiak.

The project has a very distinctive idea and consistently uses it to get the viewer interested in the important problem of global social stratification, the jury's justification reads.

© Dorota Szafrańska


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