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Window and door trends 2021

14 of May '21

Window and door trends 2021

Windows and doors are elements that, in addition to their basic functions, have a huge impact on how, for example, from the street level, the entrance to the building looks, how the facade looks or what kind of atmosphere prevails in the interior. What window and door solutions are trending this year? Among other things, it is worth paying attention to safe and barrier-free access to buildings, the strength and durability of selected materials, environmentally friendly solutions or modern, large glazing in narrow frames that bring daylight into the interior and frame views. More suggestions can be found in our review of this year's window and door trends.

security and functionality

Automatic swing, sliding or revolvingdoor systems, especially popular in representative entrance areas of public buildings, shopping centers or hospitals, allow comfortable, contactless and secure access to facilities. GEZE products provide inviting and architecturally integrated door system solutions, and at times when it is necessary to monitor and limit the number of people entering a building - also additional functions, such as GEZE Counter.

Address Hotel Dubai


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Contactless and secure access to public buildings from GEZE

in the industrial style

Steel doorframes will not only complement loft-style interiors, but above all they will prove their worth due to their strength, durability and resistance to mechanical damage, corrosion or moisture. The solutions available in PORTA 's offer - Steel Porta SYSTEM and ELEGANCE Steel Porta SYSTEM flushless door frames - are made of highly durable, yet elegant, galvanized steel. Thanks to protection using the galvanizing and varnishing system, they are much more resistant to moisture and frequent temperature changes.

Stalowe ościeżnice


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without barriers

A number of simple solutions can help in creating accessible objects, with each user in mind. One of them is barrier-free entrance doors, which provide ease and convenience of use regardless of age or physical condition. They should be equipped with a threshold flush with the floor, as well as smart systems that allow the door to be operated without the use of hands or a key. The answer may lie in Schüco 's modern, threshold-free PVC-U and aluminum exterior doors, which have been developed for comfortable and energy-efficient barrier-free architecture and comply with the criteria of DIN 18040

Dom bez barier – drzwi bezprogowe Schüco

© Schüco

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zero millimeters

In the design of houses with terrace access, it is worth betting on barrier-free terrace doors. It is with the aim of enabling users to use the terrace safely, comfortably and independently that the Schüco series of threshold-free tilt and turn and sliding doors was developed. In its systems, the company uses an innovative zero-millimeter threshold, which is embedded in the floor and forms a flush plane with its finishing layer. This solution also goes hand in hand with optimal watertightness of the joinery, its excellent thermal insulation parameters, as well as protection from unwanted visitors.

Drzwi przesuwne w systemie Schüco ASE 80 z progiem zero milimetrów

© Schüco

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views in aluminum frames

"Glass walls" are not only one of the hallmarks of modern construction, but also illuminate and optically enlarge interiors. Large glazings blur the boundary between what is inside and what is outside. To increase this effect, Aluprof has created the MB-Skyline Type R aluminum sliding door, which, when the leaf is opened, does not take up space in the room. Despite the door's achievable large dimensions, its slender construction gives the impression of lightness and delicacy, and the whole thing is an almost uniform glazing with narrow dividing lines, blending perfectly with the architecture.

Lekkie, panoramiczne
drzwi przesuwne – MB-Skyline Type R

© Aluprof

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MB-Skyline Type R - aluminum and glass panoramic sliding doors from Aluprof

even larger glazings

Large glazings do not go out of fashion. Modern, panoramic windows and patio doors that do not obstruct views and bring in natural light look impressive surrounded by narrow, seemingly delicate profiles. The VEKAMOTION 82 and VEKAMOTION 82 MAX lift-and-slide door systems available from VEKA allow the creation of impressive glazing structures (up to 6.5 m wide and 2.7 m high) with excellent thermal insulation, burglary resistance, water tightness and the possibility of using a warm threshold.



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Even greater glazing, that is, the new VEKAMOTION 82 profile system

proximity to nature

More and more often we decide to build ecological houses far from cities. We build them small but cozy, often surrounded by nature. Using the HST CORNER VIEW corner sliding patio door system from AdamS, will make us feel even closer to nature! Natural light streaming in through the glazed door, will illuminate the rooms, and we will feel like we are in an open space. HST CORNER VIEW also allows you to make optimal use of space within the corner terrace exits.

HST Corner View

© AdamS

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unlimited possibilities

Breaking technical barriers in creating windows with minimalist design and maximum surface area, has become a permanent part of modern architecture. "Glass walls" eliminate the boundaries between home and garden, and new solutions for sliding door thresholds increase the relaxation zone. KER3MR with its narrow-profile system fits perfectly into these trends. Unconventional solutions, a wide selection and glass used as a structural element reduce the width of vertical profiles to a minimum.

Okna i drzwi przesuwne


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minimalist design

A factor that increasingly determines the purchasing decisions of Poles is product design. A good, aesthetically pleasing proposal may be the complete GEALAN-LINEAR® system for the construction of GEALAN windows, balcony doors and entrance doors. LINEAR stands out from other systems offered on the market, and the system 's finely crafted lines and slender profiles perfectly fit the current tastes of architects and users who value simplicity and minimalism.



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more attic space

Visual comfort and natural light are the basic elements that guarantee well-being in interiors. Attics can be difficult in terms of design, but installing the right windows can remedy this. The available window solutions from Velux allow for interesting and tailored arrangements for demanding spaces. Windows from the VELUX VFE and VIU series can be installed in various places on the roof, either individually or in sets, gaining large glazed areas that optically enlarge the space.

Okna dachowe na poddaszu

© Velux

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glazing for special tasks

Modern designs today are distinguished not only by unique design, but above all by comprehensive concern for users and the environment. Given the number of challenges that architects have to face at the same time, multifunctional double-glazed units for special tasks will work best in windows and on building facades. To meet the requirements of the market, Saint-Gobain has introduced ECLAZ insulating glass units. Windows equipped with double or triple glazing packages with ECLAZ allow more light to pass through, while excellent energy (g = 60%) and insulation parameters (Ug = 0.5W/m²K) prevent heat loss from the rooms.

Dom prywatny.
Wielkogabarytowe przeszklenia z niskoemisyjnym szkłem ECLAZ to rozwiązanie efektowne i efektywne zarazem.

© Saint-Gobain

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some luxury

Buildings should not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The quality and durability of the products and materials used is very important. Already at the design stage it is worth focusing on finishing elements, such as facade joinery, for example. It is good to choose comprehensive system solutions from a single manufacturer. These are offered by FAKRO, with its exclusive FAKRO INNOVIEW line of wood and aluminum facade joinery. The combination of noble wood and aesthetically pleasing, durable aluminum results in a luxurious and durable finish.

Drzwi tarasowe Fakro HST
Sky – kwintesencja linii INNOVIEW


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FAKRO INNOVIEW - an exclusive line of wood-aluminum facade joinery

a facade with many faces

Accelerating urbanization is causing architects and planners to look for ways to develop space for development more efficiently, and the buildings they design are becoming taller and more multifunctional. Easy and cost-effective implementation of complex projects is made possible by the dynamic platform of Schüco AF UDC 80 elemental facade systems. This facade allows for design freedom, as well as the ability to easily and cost-effectively implement developments with unique designs.

Różne warianty
fasady Schüco AF UDC 80

© Schüco

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