Asymetria 44 – architekci

Asymmetry 44 offers a wide range of services in the design of public buildings, residential architecture, industrial architecture and urban planning. The structure of the team includes people with many years of professional experience, as well as young people with extensive knowledge and technical proficiency in contemporary forms of architectural documentation transfer. The combination of professionalism and passion guarantees high quality services at every stage of the investment process. We offer a full range of design activities and related formal procedures. In the tasks entrusted to us, we look for individual solutions providing the client with fruitful cooperation from the first conversation to the implementation phase of the project. In the space of the studio there is a modeling laboratory, where we transform the graphic record into matter with the help of reductive models. Asymmetria44 is headquartered in the building of the former electrical substation located at 1 Biskupia Street, which was adapted for the needs of the architectural studio.

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