BIM Architekci sp.z o.o.

Our professional life is embedded in the transformation of the Architecture profession in Poland. But in fact, nothing in our work and approach to the profession is changing. We continue to design by ourselves, draw details, sit over competitions at night, and at the last minute we glue boards together and at the signal take them to the organizer. Only a measure of the passing of time is the widening age gap between us and our employees. Once they were almost peers, today they are peers of our children, but perhaps in this there is a way to remain eternally young in spirit architects

As representatives of the generation starting work during the breakthrough period, we became, to a large extent, beneficiaries of the opening of the profession and the restoration of its position, which had been interrupted by the years of communist rule. We had a sense of participating in something groundbreaking, regardless of our individual professional dimensions. This mood, by the way, was pervasive in many other areas of life. It was a pity that it ended so quickly in the social dimension.

We will always remember fondly those pioneering beginnings in a small garage in Zoliborz. It was then that the first projects were created, competitions were held, the design philosophy and organizational structures of the company laboriously began to crystallize.

It was, what is difficult to imagine today, a pre-computer time, a time of working with pencil, crayon, rapidograph, the smell of carbon paper, the first fascination with the photocopier and fax machine. Incredibly how the architect's workshop and working standards have changed over this time. The architect's studio today is a completely different place, it smells different, looks different. Still, drawing, line thinking and competition as a form of expression and winning orders are the basis of our business. We try not to succumb to technological fascination, reducing it to the bare minimum, believing that architecture is created in the head and carries a deeper message than the fireworks of visualization, mostly showing stunning computer capabilities with a total lack of deeper content.

We are, as someone said, "competition animals", without competitions we can't live, and working on them is, in itself, a pleasure, releasing the needed dose of adrenaline. We believe that regardless of the final results, each competition is a new priceless experience, a necessity for intellectual effort, as well as an instructive confrontation with the way of thinking of competitors. Each sleepless night of the competition, in retrospect, creates memories. From the perspective of twenty years, the number of more than a hundred competitions we have been involved in is shocking. Our best realizations are the result of competitions won. And those won and not won have contributed to other important contracts.

Subsequent Żoliborz offices on Tucholskaya and Mickiewicza streets, accompanied us through the years of the studio's development. They shaped the image of BIM.

Aluminum sun blind systems, fixed and movable from Solar-tech
Automation in the area of window decoration from Smartbero
EasyFix - an innovative fastener design application from Rawlplug