We are engaged in place-making

We specialize in designing places - the way they function, their character and appearance.
We create original, inspiring and coherent designs for service and commercial ventures - restaurants, clubs, hotels, stores, offices, service showrooms and cultural, recreational and sports facilities - dedicated to precisely defined audiences.

We develop load-bearing concepts

A key element of each of our projects is the concept we develop, which consists of one clear principle and an individual set of features and characteristics that create a place and its unique experience. Theconcept of a place defines its character. It is what allows it to stand out and be remembered. It is also the basis for creating the brand of the place - all elements of identification and communication: name, logotype, visual identity, interior design, website and any additional elements related to the specific purpose and functioning of the place.

What sets us apart is how we work

Our way of working based on a comprehensive design process covers all aspects, elements and stages of the project - from the initial research and analysis, through the development of the concept and accompanying design solutions, to the final implementation and operation of the place. We work by combining knowledge, skills and experience in areas such as design, architecture, marketing and visual communication.

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