The genesis of the author's design studio FORT TARGOWSKI dates back to 1989, when PPW FORT was founded. For many years its shareholders and main designers, together with Wojciech Targowski, were Piotr Mazur († 14.05.2013) and Antoni Taraszkiewicz, to whom the Fort company, and now FORT TARGOWSKI, owe their established reputation.

The Fort Company operated uninterruptedly until, preserving the continuity of its operations, it split into two studios, of which FORT TARGOWSKI Ltd. was established as a family company, whose sole shareholders and main designers are architects Wojciech and Mateusz Targowscy.

In addition, the team includes both experienced, long-time designers and young architects with high qualifications gained in design studios at home and abroad. The studio's activity is based on constant cooperation with renowned teams of branch designers of all specialties, which allows us to carry out complete multi-discipline projects with a diversified utility program, a high degree of complexity and exceptional technical requirements.

The company conducts activities in the field of urban studies, studies and expertise, investment preparation, preparation of project documentation and author's supervision of the implementation of public buildings, office buildings, housing and other structures with different utility program and unique location.

Our clients include representatives of the public sector, as well as international corporations, Polish entrepreneurs and individual clients. We have experience in cooperation with investors and designers from many countries: including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany and the USA.

Architects of FORT TARGOWSKI studio have successfully participated in numerous national and international architectural competitions. For their work they have been honored with many prestigious awards and prizes, and the buildings of their authorship are particularly permanently inscribed in the architectural landscape of the Tri-City. Publications of author's realizations in national, European and world architectural publications, participation in exhibitions, author's lectures in Poland and abroad testify to the rank of their professional success.

Many of FORT TARGOWSKI's designers are permanently connected with the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology, being its employees and doctoral students.

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