Make It Yours

A love of beautiful spaces filled with fine materials, handcrafted furniture, perfectly composed decorations and, above all, objects into the creation of which other people, their designers and makers, have put their care, precision, expertise, sense of taste and style, has accompanied me from a very young age.

The movie Inception tells us that an idea is like a virus that can be instilled. The idea to become an interior designer was instilled in me by my parents. During vacations, we visited beautiful places around the world, contemplating the architectural thought of the most prominent designers and the artistry of artists, both past and present. This idea was also reinforced by my grandfather, who produced unique furniture in his carpentry shop, and who showed with his whole person how wonderful the process of creation is.

I think that a sense of style, composition, aesthetics is something we acquire throughout our lives. I am grateful to my parents, and my grandfather, that they planted a seed, which over time germinated and began to grow, directing my life towards architecture, a field characterized by beauty and an infinite number of forms and colors. Fascination with the aesthetics of space and architecture evolved into the profession of interior designer and gave birth to my professional career.

Ewa Więcek - lead architect, owner of Make It Yours

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