Maria Rauch. Architektura szyta na miarę

The architectural clinic works a bit like first aid, where instead of going to a doctor, one went to an architect. And one tells him in detail what ails one. And this Architect, having listened attentively, recommends appropriate treatment in the form of:
- REANIMATION (a quick pill to improve the condition)
- OPERATION (a week's observation and treatment)
- or THERAPY (a longer month-long recovery process).
Not all clients need a comprehensive project. Some just need inspiration, ideas. Or, conversely, they have too many of them and only need professional consultation to choose the best ones. with such people in mind, I created an architectural consultancy.

Aluminum sun blind systems, fixed and movable from Solar-tech
Automation in the area of window decoration from Smartbero
EasyFix - an innovative fastener design application from Rawlplug