Themaxberg office was established in 2010 in Szczecin on the initiative ofarch. Karol Nieradka. It owes its name to a prominent architect and urbanist of the early 20th century.

Max Paul Eduard Berg is best known as the architect of the city of Wroclaw and the author of the Jahrhunderthalle, later known as the People's Hall in Wroclaw. However, he was born and completed his first schooling in his hometown of Szczecin, where he also worked as an architect and in construction administration. Although Berg grew up, studied, worked and realized his buildings in Szczecin, to this day he does not exist in the collective consciousness of the inhabitants of the city, where he did not even live to see a commemorative plaque....

Complete interiors, or conscious design and living
Glass lighting installations in interiors
Glassini SMART balustrades - the strength of aluminum balustrades with free choice of fillings