Milchina Design

We create unique premium interiors entirely tailored to the needs of our clients. We design both commercial and private spaces. We regularly participate in trainings and industry meetings, and keep abreast of key trends to create unique interiors and make our clients' dreams come true. We offer everything necessary for effective and efficient implementation.

Our motto and key assumption is comfort for every Investor. We mainly work in such styles as modern classic, cutting-edge glamour, English, mix&match.

Milchina Design are highly qualified specialists, professional, versatile, experienced and talented interior designers who undertake and execute each project with utmost commitment and effort. Timely delivery of quality work to the full satisfaction of our clients is the main factor that sets us apart from others. Our team members have a background in interior design and have been working in the industry for several years.

Projects and implementations

(authored and collaborated)
Complete interiors, or conscious design and living
Glass lighting installations in interiors
Glassini SMART balustrades - the strength of aluminum balustrades with free choice of fillings