Milwicz Architekci

Milwicz Architects studio is created by a duo that values minimalism, nature and a holistic approach to design. Projects are implemented with passion, attention to detail. Scale and square footage are irrelevant, the space is treated as a combination of many elements, including visual, functional, social. Durability is also extremely important, so the materials used are noble and timeless, so that the owners can enjoy the beauty of their surroundings for many years. Above all, however, the greatest value is man and the relationships created by him, so the creation of space, especially residential space, is extremely important in the development of any project.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

Aluminum sun blind systems, fixed and movable from Solar-tech
Automation in the area of window decoration from Smartbero
EasyFix - an innovative fastener design application from Rawlplug