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BLOKI Internet platform changes the image of large-panel settlements

Dobrawa Bies
13 of November '20

Project BLOKI is an online platform where every user, before the renovation of his or her block of flats takes place, can influence the appearance of the building's facade. The goal of the program created by Bartosz Seifert is to facilitate communication between residents and architects and urban cooperatives.

The BLOKI online platform is part of Bartosz Seifert's undergraduate thesis done at the Department of Man and Communication at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The work addresses the important problem of designing the facades of large-panel blocks of flats. Thanks to the platform, residents of socialist buildings can influence planned renovations by indicating what facade design and color they like.

The platform allows people to indicate their design preferences

© Bartosz Seifert

The author, given that due to pandemonium the diploma defense will take place on a video conferencing platform and there will be no way to organize a physical presentation, was forced to adapt the process to other communication formats. The BLOCKS project is focused on making it the best possible fit for the digital message.

Cyfrowa platforma

Many cities are trying to change the image of their socialist heritage

© Bartosz Seifert

multi-panel construction today

Under socialism, as a result of economic changes and the "one apartment per family" ordinance , multi-plate construction, characterized by ubiquitous standardization, became popular. Not only buildings, but also entire neighborhoods were replicated in accordance with Corbusier's idea of industrialization of architecture. The standardization of apartments and entire neighborhoods resulted in the creation of neutral spaces, which today are considered unacceptable by many. Today, many cities located in the former Eastern Bloc countries are striving to change the image of an uncomfortable heritage, which, according to technical studies by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction in Poland, will endure for another 100 -120 years.

Changing the Slipway in Katowice

© Bartosz Seifert

residents have a voice

In the words of the platform's author:

When discussing the future of socialist construction in Poland, I believe that we should preserve its greatest value- the intermingling of different social groups. By giving block housing residents a voice, we can open ourselves up to new ideas, and try to promote democratic values, in the face of what is socialist. BLOCKS is a concept of an online platform where each user can express their visual preferences before the building renovation process takes place. The goal is to facilitate communication between residents and architects and urban cooperatives.

Wizualizacja osiedla

platofrma allows the use of prefabricated galleries in place of balconies

© Bartosz Seifert

The platform assumes the possibility of using prefabricated galleries put in place of balconies, which provide additional usable space for a period of the year. Through community input, a given building becomes a manifestation of residents' preferences and tastes, and above all, a form of searching for common trends.


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