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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - inspiration and solutions 2021

13 of September '21

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - inspiration and solutions 2021

Autumn is slowly approaching, the evenings are getting longer and colder, we are moving our activities into our homes, spending more time inside. This is a good time to look at new trends and technologies in heating. While staying indoors, one should not forget about proper ventilation and air conditioning, which significantly affect the healthy climate and fresh air of the rooms. If you are looking for interesting solutions and inspiration, we invite you to review proposals for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

heating power of air conditioning

In our climate zone, the heating season lasts up to eight months, so manufacturers are outdoing themselves in improving technology to make ecological and economical air conditioning systems have added value, for example, in the form of a year-round operation package. Dedicated to year-round operation, air conditioners such as Rotenso Mirai, Teta, Revio or Imoto, in addition to cooling on hot days, effectively carry out the heating function in the autumn-winter season, even at extremely low temperatures of up to -30°C!

klimatyzacji Rotenso

© Thermosilesia

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Economical and efficient Rotenso systems for heating and cooling buildings

Thermal comfort and clean air

Nowadays air conditioners are also an efficient source of heating, especially useful in the so-called transitional, autumn period. HISENSE brand air conditioners perfectly fulfill the dual function of cooling or heating, always providing thermal comfort, adapted to the season and the needs of users. It is worth noting the ENERGY PRO series, whose air conditioners are characterized by the highest available energy class A+++ and HI-NANO technology, effectively inhibiting the activity of bacteria and viruses in the room.

klimatyzator Hisense
Energy Pro — praca do –20 st.

© Schiessl

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Hisense air conditioners - thermal comfort, clean air and a healthy climate all year round

healthy indoor climate

On average, we spend more than three-quarters of the day in the indoor environment of buildings, so it is important to ensure and actively support proper ventilation. Automatic home ventilation without the need to manually open windows is becoming a standard in modern construction and brings improved comfort and a healthy indoor environment. For it to work flawlessly, a central ventilation unit is necessary. The ideal partner in this case is a wall-mounted unit with the best components on the market VRC-W 400 from German manufacturer Stiebel Eltron.

wentylacyjna VRC-W 400

© Stiebel Eltron

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Central ventilation with recuperation from STIEBEL ELTRON

cooking without unnecessary noise

Returning after work, tired of the hustle and bustle of the day, we often want peace and quiet, including in the kitchen while cooking. Now, thanks to special Vero-150 roof fans, we can prepare meals and cook dinner without unnecessary noise and unpleasant smells resulting from poorly working ventilation. Mounted externally, the Vero-150 fan from Uniwersal is a three-speed unit that minimizes the noise emitted by the impeller and does not affect the efficiency of the kitchen hood.

wentylator dachowy Vero-150

© Uniwersal

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Vero-150 roof fan, quiet operation of kitchen hoods

all in one

Air-to-waterheat pumps, abbreviated as A2W (Air to Water) are not losing popularity, and manufacturers are outdoing themselves with new technological solutions. Among the wide range of offerings, we can choose between monoblock, split, and hybrid solutions. Particularly noteworthy in Schiessl Polska 's offer are split heat pumps - called IWT (Integral Water Tank) or ALL IN ONE. By placing the DHW tank and the classic indoor unit in one housing, a compact, handy solution has been achieved.

pompa ciepła Panasonic All In One

© Schiessl

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Air-to-water heat pumps with integrated domestic hot water tank

technology and economy

When choosing the right heating system, it is worth paying attention to economic and ecological aspects. The latest Hoval technology and the use of free-standing, gas-fired boilers in outdoor enclosures save energy up to thirty percent, are easy to install, control and offer maximum flexibility in terms of space requirements. The uniqueness of heat generators - UltraGas® and UltraGas® 2 boilers in outdoor enclosures lies, among other things, in their innovative, and compact freestanding design.

w obudowach zewnętrznych CabinSlim

© Hoval

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CabinSlim outdoor enclosed boilers - technologically advanced and economical heating

water heating and cooling

When looking for alternative solutions for heating and cooling your home, consider the state-of-the-art KARDO Waterpanel system - a water-based underfloor or wall heating and cooling system manufactured in Poland. It is characterized, among other things, by its lightweight design and low height. KARDO Waterpanel by Elektra Kardo does not require concrete screeds and the associated expansion joints, and the ultra-thin floor layer increases its efficiency. A major advantage is also the simplicity of the system's solution, which can be assembled on a do-it-yourself basis without much technical knowledge.

KARDO Waterpanel EL

© Elektra Kardo

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