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New Deal. Deans of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology hand out cards.

Ola Kloc
15 of January '21

Changes are coming to the Faculty of Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology! Among other things, more workshop classes and a tailored study program await the recruiting prospective second-degree students.

Last year's ministerial decree, which introduced new standards in the education of architects, became a pretext for the authorities of the Faculty of Architecture to refresh the program in the Architecture and Spatial Management majors.

We thought it was a good time to take a look at the programs and modify them to make them more responsive to the needs of students in the first and second degree programs. Thanks to the changes, studies with us will be more individualized and interdisciplinary. Students, especially at the master's level, will choose in which direction they want to specialize and, consequently, which issues they want to study more in depth," says Dr. Elżbieta Komarzyńska-Swieściak, the dean's plenipotentiary for promotion at the Faculty of Architecture.

more practical classes

Students are to be prepared for their profession by a significantly increased number of workshop classes, which will allow time for in-depth research and analysis, the introduction of learning by doing and research by design methodologies, and meetings with practitioners - architects, constructors and installation designers.

more choice

Architecture and urban planning students will be able to create an individual program of study tailored to their interests - 315 hours will be allocated to core courses and 585 to elective courses within the Architectural Design block. There will be 26 elective courses to choose from in the course of study, including futuristic residential architecture or absence architecture design, among others.

At the second level of study, most of our students already have some idea of themselves. They know in what direction they would like to develop and what job they see themselves in the future. So we want to help them improve on this chosen path," explains Dr. Komarzyńska-Swieściak.

In turn, a completely new format of design courses awaits students majoring in architecture and historic preservation - urban-architectural integrated design, during which, in cooperation with specialists, students will focus on complex solutions to tasks at different scales.

In each semester, students will work on an issue of their choice concerning: buildings with complex functions embedded in the existing spatial structure of the city (in the first semester) and modernization, adaptation and expansion of development complexes that have lost their previous functions (in the second semester)," announces Agnieszka Tomaszewicz, PhD.

new hand

The Department of Architecture will present a detailed program and the changes introduced during an online meeting as part of the Architecture and Construction Day at Wroclaw University of Technology, which will take place on January 18 at 11:00 a.m. WA PWr, in cooperation with the Student Government, in order to meet the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, has also prepared a series of Open Day events in an online format. The event, called New Distribution, will introduce the new curricular offerings of majors and specializations at the second degree program. Those taking part in the virtual meeting will also be able to benefit from the #Diploma_Support series - advice and tips on preparing a diploma project and defense.

Detailed information on recruitment can be found on the website dedicated to candidates.


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