Aquaacryl - this is PREMIUM

Striving for excellence, seeking new solutions in global trends and imposing unsurpassed production rigor - this is the guiding force of AQUAFRONT S.C. The result of our hard work is the creation of the widest offer on the market for acrylic boards/fronts under the brand AQUAAKRYL. - Wladyslaw Etmansky - owner of Aquafront company

Focusing on producing a furniture front that is solid and reliable for many years, with the ability to be used in demanding kitchen or bathroom environments, we created AQUAAKRYL acrylic fronts. Our products are constructed of acrylic mat, dense MDF and anti-stress mat (HIPS). We have achieved the certainty of quality, long-lasting durability and product guarantee through the technology of bonding with polyurethane (PUR) adhesives, which are characterized by high resistance to many external factors. AQUAAKRYL are PREMIUM class products, which have been meeting the highest quality and visual standards for 12 years. We have the widest color range of high-gloss and matte acrylic materials in Poland.

Dąb królewski mat M6920

Royal oak matt M6920


In the 2023 collection, our company presents:

- more than 120 AQUAAKRYL colors and decors
- 6 product categories of AQUAAKRYL
- types of finishes - gloss, matte, metallic
- 2 surface refinements - Antibac and AntiFingerprint
- short lead time - even 7 working days.

Biel arktyczna GRAND G5000U

Arctic white GRAND G5000U



- AQUAAKRYL GRAND - invisible adhesive joint
- AQUAAKRYL GLASS - hardened transparent acrylic mat - giving the effect of color behind the glass
- AQUAAKRYL GLASS DEKOR - cured transparent acrylic mat - giving the effect of decor behind the glass
- AQUAAKRYL ULTRA - hardened surface
- AQUAAKRYL STANDARD - uncured surface
- AQUAAKRYL 3D - structural surface.

Orzech California połysk 6811

California walnut gloss 6811



AQUAAKRYL GRAND - gloss fronts from the PREMIUM line with invisible glue joint. They are covered with a hardened acrylic mat with a thickness of 0,6 to 0,7 mm, which increases scratch resistance, and the surface does not require a hardening process. The products have an Antibac antibacterial coating. Acrylic in its structure has silver ions, which are able to block bacterial activity. It comes in thicknesses of ≈10 mm,≈19 mm. Plate size 2800x1300 mm.

Korek piaskowy mat M69926

Sand cork mat M69926



Boards and fronts in gloss or matte (59 colors) with a transparent acrylic mat of 1.8 to 2 mm thickness, giving the effect of color or decor behind the glass, and a counter-pressure laminate on the left side with a thickness of 1.3 mm. The production technology is based on PUR adhesives. Application: furniture fronts and bodies, partitions, wall panels and countertops. The surface of the board/front has high impact and scratch resistance. The product, due to its very high resistance to water and moisture, can be successfully used in rooms with increased humidity (e.g. kitchen, bathroom). It is resistant to extreme transport conditions. It comes in thicknesses of ≈10 mm,≈19 mm,≈38 mm. The size of the board is 2800x1220 mm.

Granatowy ultra mat M4702 (realizacja i autor fotografii: Duma Meble Marcin Lewiński)

Navy blue ultra mat M4702 (realized and photographed by Duma Furniture Marcin Lewinski).


"On the commercial side, as a whole team we have a huge amount of security that comes from offering a good quality product in the market. It is appreciated by many contractors. An additional advantage is the fact of excellent after-sales service, which complements the tangible product with the added values of safety or readiness to help from our specialists."

Marcin Kowal - Aquafront Sales Director

" (...) And so the acquaintance with Aquafront began. Very quickly it turned out that the versatility of the products finds a wide range of applications, Scratch-resistant fronts are ideal for not only domestic but also public spaces. A wide range of colors, in turn, meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. In my projects I often use products of this brand, which is met with complete satisfaction of investors. So far, I have never been disappointed. I sincerely recommend it."

Agata Piotrowska, Projekt Wnętrze Pracownia Projektowa, Slupsk

For more information, visit the company's AQUAFRONT S.C page on the PdD portal.