Bathroom with black fittings

The matte black of faucets and showers brings elegance to the arrangement, as well as a touch of extravagance. An example of this is FERRO's black line of fixtures for complex bathroom arrangements.

Black faucet

The Zicco Black series includes five models: washbasin, bidet, bathtub, shower and sink. Virtually all elements of the collection - spouts, bodies, handles, rosettes and the shower handle - are based on a rectangular profile. Zicco Black faucets will work perfectly in a variety of interiors - from very modern, through avant-garde to classic.

Algeo Black –
bateria natryskowa ścienna

Algeo Black - wall-mounted shower faucet, Algeo Black - stand-up washbasin faucet,
Rondo Lux Black - sliding shower set with rainshower


Algeo Black has a softer, cylindrical shape. An interesting proposition in this series is a standing washbasin faucet with a rotating spout. It is complemented by standing basin and countertop standing basin models, as well as bidet, wall-mounted bathtub and wall-mounted shower models. The universal design of the Algeo Black family makes them fit well in very different stylistic bathrooms.

Vitto Black VerdeLine

Vitto Black VerdeLine - countertop standing washbasin faucet, Vitto Black VerdeLine
- wall-mounted shower mixer, Phila Black - sliding shower set


Vitto Black VerdeLine is distinguished by its massive, perfectly shaped body and strongly marked handle. The series includes washbasin, bidet, wall-mounted shower and wall-mounted bathtub models. The faucets are equipped with water-saving solutions: the FerroAirMix aerator and FerroClick ceramic regulator. Thanks to them, water savings of up to 50% are possible. Vitto Black VerdeLine faucets are a guarantee of safety and economy in line with eco-trends.

Black shower

Striking black shower sets are another example of fashionable fixtures from the FERRO collection. Interesting shapes and functional solutions make them an excellent choice for everyone.

Zicco Black –
bateria natryskowa ścienna, Zicco Black – bateria wannowa ścienna.

Zicco Black - wall-mounted shower faucet, Zicco Black - wall-mounted bathtub faucet. Zicco Black - standing washbasin faucet,
Squerto Lux Black - sliding shower set with rain shower head.


Rondo Lux Black and Squerto Lux Black are proposals with sophisticated design and interesting functions. The rain shower heads are offset relatively far from the wall, which allows for comfortable bathing. Rondo Lux Black has a round rain shower head and a round, 3-function shower handle. Squerto Lux Black has a square rainshower and a square, 1-function shower handle. Both sets come with an elegant flat shelf for cosmetics. The rainshower and shower handle are equipped with Ferro Easy Clean System, which allows for easy removal of lime scale. In addition to the metal bar, the Phila Black is equipped with a single-function round shower handle with Auto Clean System. It is responsible for its self-cleaning from lime deposits.

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