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A contemporary house is often a work of art, an architectural masterpiece, a realization of the designer's bold vision. It has long ceased to be just a "place to live". Today it is a space that combines an atmospheric place for relaxation, a comfortable office, and often a private spa or entertainment center. At DPS Group, we have been following new trends and creating solutions for them for 25 years. It is our individual approach to a project and the millions of square meters of coatings we have produced that give us the title of world leader in tensioned membranes.

Panel świetlny DPS
Light Collar

DPS Light Collar Panel


Exceptional lighting solutions

Stretch coatings allow us to create even very large great elements in the form of ceilings, walls, panels and light decorations. The possibilities they give us are endless, both in terms of shape and lighting effect. Semi-transparent membrane combined with modern LED lighting gives excellent, shadowless light. We create both utility and decorative lighting. Our offer includes standard products and those that we prepare for a specific project. DPS lighting solutions are compatible with any control system.

Sufit napinany –
powłoka Laque

Stretch ceiling - Laque coating


Impressive look for ceilings and walls

Our planes are perfectly smooth and can take any flat or spatial form. A multi-level ceiling, in the form of a wave or three-dimensional - with stretch membranes anything is possible. Depending on the coating you choose, you get a texture of plaster, smooth, a luminous coating or one that reflects the image like a mirror. A range of more than 120 colors gives unlimited possibilities in creating a unique space. An interesting option is the possibility of printing the stretched plane with any graphic or photo. Choosing such a ceiling or wall will certainly make the arranged interior unique.

Sufit napinany – powłoka Transparent

Stretch ceiling - Transparent coating


Ideal for wet rooms

Stretch membranes have a very low water vapor permeability coefficient and are ideal for use in rooms with high humidity. In addition, they are not harmed by chlorine vapors, often used, for example, in private indoor pools. In all these places, you can use the full range of DPS coatings - materials that reflect the image, satin, matte or backlit. Printed membranes are also very commonly used here. A stretch ceiling or wall is a product for those who are looking for an original idea for their bathroom, pool or spa area.

Acoustic comfort

In our offer we have products that reduce acoustic reverberation and help soundproof the interior. DPS FONOSORBER solutions include acoustic ceilings, as well as partitions and acoustic and acoustic-light panels. Each of these products combines high sound absorption (up to aw=1) with exceptional design. We offer standard products as well as those that we create for a project, on an individual order. Each of them provides an interesting element of interior design, while significantly improving the comfort of the room.

Sufit napinany – powłoka Mat

Stretched ceiling - Mat coating


Enhanced hygiene

The epidemic situation has made us pay more attention to hygiene and safety today than in the past. DPS Biopruf membranes have a special Bio-Pruf® additive that prevents dangerous fungi, algae and bacteria from multiplying on their surface. Bio-Pruf is not a method of finishing the material, but is part of its formulation. Biopruf coatings have been successfully used for years in public buildings, and more recently increasingly in commercial and private spaces. DPS Biopruf stretch ceilings and walls are a guarantee of increased room sterility.

From design support to installation

For years, we have been helping to arrange the most original interiors - whether it is a museum, a shopping mall, a dentist's office or a private apartment. As a manufacturer, we work with architects, interior designers, acoustic and lighting companies. We carry out projects in a comprehensive manner - from assistance in creating the design to installation at the customer's site. The materials we use are completely safe, have all legally required certificates and are 100% recyclable.

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If you are a private or public customer and would like to apply our products to your project, send us the details of your project and we will be happy to provide you with our offer.

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