Colors in the bathroom and a wide range of outdoor spas

Divina XXL is a wellness proposition for those who want to share a unique, immersive daily experience. With evenly distributed Whirlpool Jet, Aquaclean and UV cleaning systems, Chromolight technology and unique features such as integrated Bluetooth audio and wi-fi, the Divina XX L is a spacious Novellini Outdoor Spa that differs from previous models in the collection in that it can accommodate up to six people.

Outood SPA

DIVINA outdoor spa XXL


Divina XXL is designed to offer multiple benefits through the various technologies included, offering energizing, massaging, relaxing and whole-body activities. Ergonomics designed for safe and relaxing use, refined materials for exceptional tactile sensitivity, and attention to ecology without compromising hygiene and sustainability. Outdoor SPAalso availablein 215×260, 215×215, 200×200, 185×160, 190×140.

Drzwi N180, kolor różowe złoto

Door N180, rose gold color


Detail, sophisticated visual accents and luminous elegance make this series of hinged doors an icon of design. The rigorous design choice combines aesthetics, elegance and technology with a highly advanced automatic silent closing system. The N 180 door is best for creating perfect combinations with faucets and showers and wall cladding thanks to a wide selection of polished and brushed profile colors, transforming your bathroom into a place of well-being where you can fully experience the pleasure of water. Available profile colors include brushed gold and rose gold, brushed bronze, brushed graphite, brushed inox, glossy gold and rose gold, glossy black chrome.

Walk-In H ART, kolor złoty połysk

Walk-In H ART, gold gloss color


The shower space is being transformed, becoming a starting point for modernizing the bathroom environment with a design that is not just limited to the product concept, but rooted in Novellini's industrial design expertise. A design style that does not hide, but shows and expresses without unnecessary ornamentation the subordination of form to the sincerity of function, giving the bathroom an ever-changing look. A wide choice of glass and color combinations of the profile can satisfy even the most advanced designers. Available profile colors are brushed gold and rose gold, brushed bronze, brushed graphite, brushed inox, gold and rose gold in gloss, black chrome in gloss.

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